Philadelphia Eats!

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I live in Center City and love to explore different restaurants and cuisines!

I love yummy food and good drinks. However, huge importance is also the uniqueness of the food/dish as well as the price as well as the service and attitude of the staff.

I think dining is an experience. Which involves the food (taste and unique), the staff, and the price.

πŸ˜€ Those are the angle in which I form my opinions.


13 thoughts on “Philadelphia Eats!

    is awesome!
    on 11th and Race, is a true Asian Karaoke place. Great!
    Private room is always the way to go!
    Sun – Thurs has half off rooms after 8pm, and before 8pm its free room charge if you order food!
    Wednesday is half off sushi, more like 90% off sushi in Philly! $1.50 for 4 pieces of white tuna sushi! Amazing!!
    Tuesday is $1 chicken skewers with $2 beers!
    The price is great. Its clean and the service is great! Super friendly, you can make reservations~ the rooms are comfortable and the LCD screens are great for huge parties and the system is easy to use.
    They have music from Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, and Catonese!
    Of course, they are very sensitive to the American karaoking culture, which is in a bar with complete strangers and a nice comfy lounge space. They have that, too. They charge $1 per song. pretty good deal! Since its not the small tvs with blue screens but 2 huge LCD monitors, as if you’re at a sports bar!
    Fridays and Saturdays are “packed” nights. Sometimes we wait 2 hours for a room to open up. Rooms range from 6 person, 8 person, 12 person and 22 person

  2. VINO

    is a restaurant in Northern Liberties. This is an area that is just starting to be developed. Some call it “the New Old City.”

    It has outdoor seating, a huge space, but the neighborhood is not the best. However, it is in a boutique and restaurant area, so no need to be too stressed.

    The food seems Italian. They have pastas, pizzas, and salads. Prices are mostly all $10+, even for a basic salad. Many of the entrees are close to $20. They have a nice wine selection and a small beer selection.

    The decor is dark wooden tables, reddish/orange leather cushion chairs, and dim lighting. The atmosphere is really nice.

    However, it was quite empty. It could have been because it was a Wednesday night? and there are less patrons?

    Vino is also close by to many other restaurants. So, if you’re looking to explore, try swinging by and taking a look at their menu. If its not your style, there’s still many other places right around and next to it!

    Staff was neutral friendly… if that makes any sense?

  3. ROUGE

    was my favorite place for a long time! Its on 18th and Locust. A nice French restaurant that looks out to Rittenhouse Square. It has outdoor and indoor seating. My favorite seating is the indoor seats that are right up against the huuge window/balcony like railing. Its great! You get the best of both worlds!

    They have an extensive wine list and sell both by glass and by bottle. Their wine prices are similar to that around the city, ranging from $7 and up for a glass and $35 and up for a bottle.

    The food there is yummy! They have steamed mussels, bean sprout salads, duck, fish, etc etc. My favorite dish there is the tuna tartare and the escargot. The small plates range around $13 – $20. Their large plates range from $20 – $40.

    Their hostess and staff are super friendly and try their best to accommodate your needs and wants. There was a time when I went with two other girls and an older gentleman kept coming over and sitting at our table. The staff there used a creative strategy to occupy the seat and conveniently caused him to unable to come back and sit at our table.

    The decor is much like a huge French style sitting room/parlor. If that makes any sense. With draping chiffon curtains against the walls and velvety cushion seats. Its nice as a lounge as well as a restaurant. Its wonderful for people watching as well! Because of the indoor and outdoor seating combo, this place is great for any weather (and your own temperature interpretation). They have huge awnings to allow you to sit outside, even in the rain! πŸ™‚

    So definitely check this place out. It is in the heart of the city, right on the Square, and next to many many more exciting restaurants!


    is on 17th and Ben Franklin Parkway. Its under the Windsor Hotel/Apts. It has many outdoor seating with just the right amount of shade, so you don’t burn or sweat too much during your stay!

    They have amazing happy hour deals!
    Mon thru Fri from 5pm – 7pm and Sat & Sun from 11am – 6pm:
    $2.95 all beer and wines and 30% off all appetizers.

    This place is an Asian fusion place. But the cuisine is more Chinese than American. It is owned by a Taiwanese owner, so there is a slight Taiwanese flare on certain dishes. However, if you’re taste for Chinese food is more on the “General Tso’s Chicken” side, this place has things for you, too! It also serves various Japanese skewers! They carry beer from China, Japan, Italy, etc etc.

    The waitstaff is very friendly and accommodating! And this place is never overly crowded. Chill and calm atmosphere. Perfect for lunch or for a lazy Sunday afternoon snack/dinner.


    is on 19th and Chestnut. Right on the corner. Its fun for happy hours, but sometimes quite dead during the week.
    They have specials on their pizzas and beer from 5pm – 7pm, however, their waitstaff is not always the friendliest nor the most attentive.

    Drinker’s Pub is right under Noche, and they sometimes share the same bouncer. (?) Drinker’s is your little college dive bar, but with a nice patio/outdoor seating arrangements. They serve their menu till late, and they have happy hour specials everyday from 7pm – 9pm. They have dollar tacos and other cheap yummy foods! The staff and bartenders there are always friendly. (This is over the past two years.)

    Its not the ritziest place nor the most glamorous, but it definitely was one of the most hopping places on a random Tuesday evening.


    is never too good an experience.
    Unfortunately, I’ve given this place so many tries, and it fails everytime. They do have good cheap food, great Casear Salads, and the kitchen is open late. However, the service is poor and they aren’t very attentive, and it takes forever to get your waiter’s attention to ask for even napkins or water.

    The patrons that go there are also sometimes a crazy bunch. Loud and obnoxious. But its sometimes a hit or miss. When they belligerent, puking, fighting, loud singing and raucous crowd is not there, the temporary peace is good though.


    is very affordable and able to accommodate large parties up to 40+ people!
    Italian restaurant on 17th and Walnut. Servers are not the friendliest people. But the food is mostly under $15 per dish and the portions are large and the food is tasty.
    Parking may be a problem, but there are many parking garages around (max is $20 for parking, which would be about the price of your meal…)
    They have a bar in there and some screens that play sports games and the news.
    Interesting mix of people. Many families come here to dine. So you’ll see a lot of folded up strollers in the front of the restaurant. (Mostly people come after a day at Rittenhouse Square). There is outdoor seating right on Walnut, which is a huge appeal to many.

    Mediocre service, but very cheap price and large portions and good food.

  8. ALFA

    is on 17th and Walnut.
    5pm – 7pm everyday (including Sat and Sun) they have happy hour specials!
    $3 appetizers, which include tater tots, edamame, wings, hummus and pita. They also have $3 beers, $4 house wines, and $5 mixed drinks.
    This place has an awesome drinks menu. They had a 70s drinks menu, that graduated and became the 80s drinks menu, and now it is the 90s drink menu. Including drinks inspired by the Simpsons, Monica Lewinsky, Kate Moss, Tupac, Ice Ice Baby, etc etc.
    Very creative!
    AFLA is the same owner as Walnut Room, which is a lounge right upstairs. Very spacious and good interior design. ALFA has all types of seating. Booth seating, couches and sofas, bar, tall bar table seating, lower wooden bench seating.
    Very hip spot to be at!
    and the servers, wonderfully friendly and personable!

  9. TAVERN 17

    is on 17th, in between Walnut and Locust.
    This is a restaurant/bar that is attached to the Warwick Radisson Hotel.
    Waitstaff is very friendly and helpful. The decor is different from your usual sports bar as well as Tavern. It is a classy tavern, that has a few screens mounted above the bar to allow you to watch games and news. Quiet spot during the week, but starts getting a bit crazy on Friday and Saturday nights.

    Friday night is a highlight and a treat. It has a live jazz band perform starting from 7pm every Friday. This is a local Philly band, and they perform very well.

    Tavern 17 has specials from 5 -7 pm every Monday through Friday. They have $2 sliders (straight from their dinner menu) as well as $2 flights of mixed drinks. $2-$3 beers and house wines for $4. (prices may have changed recently).

    They also have delicious desserts and dinner items. Try their fries! The garlic ones are amazing!

    This place is a nice place to start off your evening or to end your evening.


    is the first Stephen Starr restaurant that I’m writing about. Perhaps because it’s my favorite amongst all the Starr restaurants. On Walnut, in between 16th and 17th.

    Cuban and South Caribbean inspired dishes, this place makes the best mojitos and ceviche. (Rainbow Ceviche is my all time favorite. I get week-long cravings for these things!)

    They have happy hours from 5pm – 7pm on Mondays – Fridays. They have $5 Sangrias (White and Red) and $6 Classic and Suave Mojitos, with complimentary tapas. Very yummy!

    If you dine with them, the waitstaff is very attentive and professional. If you’re only there for happy hour, the waitstaff are courteous, but a bit hasty. Sometimes they have too many tables to look after? Or they keep running around and you wait forever to get your check or to pay.

    They also have outdoor seating, facing Walnut. Its great to people watch, tan, sit outside and chat up a storm with your friends.

  11. NOBLE
    American cuisine

    On Sansom, between 20th and 21st.
    Very thoughtful nice service. The decor is creative and very environmentally friendly! The owner was also the interior designer. Very different take on lighting and usage of space.

    Prices are a bit high for the food that it offers. Entrees run from $20 – $30. Drink menu is the usual, beers and wines. However, they do offer a more extensive domestic beer list than the average restaurant. But is in no way a comparison to places such as Tria and Monk’s and other microbreweries.

    Food is good, but nothing too creative and different. Though whatever they make, they make it well. But don’t expect to be eating strange new concoctions and different cuts of meat and mixed flavors never seen before.

    Want a safe date place? Come check this place out!
    Interested in green restaurants and green decor, definitely don’t miss this place!


    is the best place for deal sushi!
    on Sansom, in between 20th and 21st. This hole in the wall is so delicious yet affordable! You can get the 3 roll special (which has 24 pieces! since it’s 8 pieces per roll) for only $10.75!
    The sushi chef is the owner, and the people who work there are so super nice! Its almost like walking into family every time you go there!

    The food is absolutely delicious! And Vic always comes up with new creative rolls, and the taste is absolutely amazing! If you love sashimi, you have to try the Sansom Roll, it has EVERYTHING on it… plus more! If you’re vegetarian, have no fear, they have rolls just for you, and no, it’s not those boring cucumber rolls. Plus, you can request the ingredients you prefer, and they can make it to your preference! πŸ™‚ How awesome is that?! Down to earth and friendly, no snottiness and haughtiness like from Morimoto or from Raw (which are good places, don’t get me wrong.. but the attitude isn’t half as sweet and nice as Vic’s)

    So its super perfect, and why isn’t it the top of the world?
    Well, first, it’s affordable. So snobby people sometimes turn their noses up to it. Second, it only seats 8 at one time. They do Delivery as well as Take Out. But if you were to come in, there is only about 8-9 seats. (9 being the extra seat you can pull up from the wall)
    During dinner time, this place has lines out the store, and even more people waiting outside, just to pick up their orders.

    Are they just too slow? Heck no. They’re super fast. There’s just waaaay too many people who adore this place.

    Be with the in-crowd. Try it out. And find out why people are all crazy about this gem!

  13. TRIA

    is an awesome wine and cheese and beer bar.
    This place serves specialty wines and cheeses and bars. And best of all, they have a happy hour special on Sundays! They call it “Sunday School”. It feature one wine and one beer and one cheese. All designed to go together in some perfect pairing! Aaand, it’s all half price! πŸ™‚ That’s the best part!

    The service is lovely and friendly. And the way the serve is quite interesting. They don’t assign waiters/waitresses to set tables. Everyone is your waiter and waitress.

    I’ve had some awesome beers, ones that you cannot find anywhere else. The cheeses are unique to this restaurant as well. They also have a food menu, equipped with sandwiches, burgers, salads, and even some yummy appetizers. (Definitely try the bruschettas and the Italian sliced meats)

    They have two locations:
    1. 18th and Sansom
    2. 12th and Spruce

    Both these places are located on corners and they both have outdoor seating. They are also very very friendly to dogs!

    Price is not the cheapest, but it’s not out of this world, or outrageously ridiculous. It’s actually very reasonable. And the decor is lovely and warm. Makes you accidentally stay much longer than you intended.

    They offer weekday specials as well if you sign up for their emails. They also offer special classes, about wine, about beer, about pairing chocolates with wine and beers, etc. This place is very original. There is no other place quite like it around the city.

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