Valentine’s Day… WHAT? Single Valentine’s Day = Wonderful!

So… Now I’m married, I’m wondering if I really have to celebrate this valentine’s day thing… since we married, doesn’t that show ultimately that we love one another? Enough to take the vow… “till DEATH do us part”?

Now I don’t mind if buying a Valentine’s Day gift for a guy means flowers and a teddy bear plus some chocolates… except not.

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Football is the talk

I have noticed here… that people always talk about… Football!

NFL or College Football (University of Michigan and Michigan State are the popular ones here) are both hot topics that everyone seems to talk about.

But that’s not just it… it seems like in the Midwest… that’s ALL they talk about. That plus “What church do you go to?” (Just kidding… no sane person would immediately sak that… except in the South… or maybe here in Michigan… just saying…

I sit at the bar, and the bartender brings up some football talk. I’m standing in the elevator, and some dude brings up football. My friends meet my other friends, and after introductions, they’re not sure what to say, and suddenly they talk football.
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Remedy to Road Rage

I’ve come to realize today… that if I sing really loudly and bounce around in my car, it actually helps eliminate (dull) my road rage. Not that I get that angry… but I do sometimes get annoyed. I’m sure this isn’t just in Michigan, and this may occur in many states or countries, but many times, people are driving without realizing that there are other people behind them, next to them, trying to merge or switch lanes to get off the highway…

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I’ve heard about this controversy before, but never had I actually lived in it.

Occasionally, I will have friends that have just moved from the Midwest and when they order a soda/fountain drink, they’ll call it pop. Usually the group laughs and makes some funny remark, we give our friend(s) a slap on the back or a high five. But pretty soon, the friends are all calling it soda or fountain drink.

Now, I’m in an overwhelming population that terms it “pop”. And there’s no assimilation about to happen here, because everyone around them also calls it “pop”!

Initially, I was at a restaurant, and the lady asked me if I wanted a pop. Now there is this recent drink gaining more and more fame. It’s a liquor mixed cocktail, topped off with pop rocks, yup, that’s right, like when-we-were-kids-pop-rocks. They coat the glass rim with pop rocks and then they also add some pop rocks into the bottom of the drink, and you’ve got bubbling sugar. Pretty tasty, actually.
So here I was, in a restaurant with some children around the table. Because as soon as she asked me, I was like, umm, this is a family dinner, are you asking me to order pop rocks in my cocktail and take it to the next level?? I had already ordered a cocktail, so I thought she was asking if I wanted to add pop rocks to it. Not that it’s indecent to add pop rocks, but it’s kind of a more festive, going out at night kinda thing. I kinda look at her, lost for words. She looks at me blankly, like this is just any normal day in the world. I look around my table, and my family and friends seem completely unperturbed and they continue to look at their menus. I take an unusually long time to finally regain my bearings. I look around the table and saw that some people had ordered sodas, I finally realized she was asking me if, in addition to my cocktail, I wanted another soda drink…. Ohhhh…..

So much for the pop rocks drink idea…
This was a good drink mix:(try it at home! It’s quite fun! and works for the holiday colors and holiday cheer!!! Of course do it only in adult company, or else it really confuses the kids… “Mommy! I want that Pop Rocks drink, too!” ……. awkward……..)

Rum + Triple Sec + Flavored Liquor    <— Rim with Pop rocks and add pop rocks (you can match your pop rocks flavor to your liquor flavor. hahah)

*Edit: It was actually extremely difficult to find an image of “soda” when you look up “pop” in the search engine. Maybe 10% of the images were of “pop” as a beverage/soft drink. But the other 90% of the images were like pop music, pop rocks, pop (the sound), popcorn (pop secret), lollipops, cake pops, blow pops, etc etc… But if you type “soda” into the search engine for images, it’s all about the Coca Cola and Pepsi products plus many many more…. interesting. Even Google Search has a preference for using Soda over Pop… (maybe it’s because it’s also on the coast? Apparently coastal regions use the word “soda”. Or it could be the population that uses Google search engine more frequently calls it soda? Or probably because soda solely means… soda… while pop can mean many other things.)
** See also demographic and geographical maps about the distribution of who/where calls it “Soda”, “Pop”,  or “Coke”.

Let it snow Let it snow…

I’m in the tundra…

It’s been snowing since last night and it’s still snowing and it’s already noon here. WHERE IS THE SUN?!

I just checked the temperature for today. It’s supposed to be about 19F here in Michigan tonight and I’m supposed to go to a formal holiday party. Say What?!

It’s currently in the 50F’s in Philadelphia. I still have so many of my 40F-50F outfits that I haven’t worn yet, and Michigan has already sped up it’s snowmakers… and it’s now in the teens?! I did not expect this! I was still dilly dallying in my peep-toe shoes and mid-heavy jackets. Yes, we have seasons on the East Coast.

That probably answers why a week ago when I went to dinner with my girl friend (out of the total of 2 friends I currently have in Michigan), she told me to get into boots instead of my peep-toe heels. To which is laughed, “What? Wear boots to a girls’ dinner out in November? Please!”

Ok, I see what she means, there is obviously no autumn here. I still have yet to wear skirts and dresses with boots… Oh c’mon, you know what I mean! It’s when the weather is cold enough to wear boots, but still warm enough that you can wear a skirt/dress without having to wear leggings underneath the dress and boots. Right? Can I get an Amen?

Ok, hopefully I’m not the only one who calculates weather and depends heavily on the gradient of the weather for trying out different combinations of outfits. (Men, that’s why we need so many different coats, shoes, clothes in general. Our wardrobe season spans much more than just the summer and winter. We also have cool summer, hot summer, early spring, wet spring, windy spring, overly hot spring, early autumn end of summer, crisp autumn, warm autumn, cold autumn, sunny but cold winter, gloomy winter, snowy winter, freezing look-like-a-marshmellow winter, sunny and warm winter, etc etc…)  But this morning, looking at the piles of snow in Michigan makes me realize that I may need to:

1. Put away my late autumn early winter wardrobe, fitted for the only the East Coast.


2. Hurry and quickly wear those early winter (still slightly warm) outfits before it gets colder (apparently it gets worse around here. omg…) and even though it’s gonna be a bit cold, I need to just suck it up and get through it. Live in my own East Coast winter…

I choose 2.

(Wow, I feel really shallow that I had such a long inner dialogue just about the clothes regarding the mini-seasons*.)

*mini-seasons: my new term that describes the in between seasons from the major four (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). See above for more detailed breakdown.

The Best Bridal Shower ever!!

My bridesmaids thoroughly have gone above and beyond!

This past weekend was my bridal shower and it was …. a WOW!

I walk into the room, and there were silver, white and pink balloons everywhere! The helium type! so they were all floating high with colorful ribbons!

Then came the place settings. There were 3 tables set with shower favors on top of pink plates. The center pieces were mini-towers of cupcakes. But these weren’t just plain cupcakes, but cupcakes with fondant roses, pink roses all over the top of the icing.

On one side of the room, was a full display of food, ranging from pesto pasta, egg salads, smoked salmon, cheese plate, cold cut plate, fruit plate, chips and salsa and guacamole, etc. All my favorite snacks!!! And then, there was a gift table, and it had a mountain of gifts!! It was gorgeous! 🙂 all the colorful wrapping and bags and everything! with the floating balloons in the background!

And… there was a chocolate fountain! With pretzels, marshmallows, animal crackers, etc etc other mediums to indulge the chocolate with!

😀 So awesome!

During the present-opening time, I got gifts from all over the country! Some women were unable to attend, but were so thoughtful to prepare a gift from afar and mailed it in to the bridesmaids to bring to the shower!! The bridesmaids took photos of me with each of the guests at the shower, and immediately had them printed in color and hi-res, so that each guest can make a scrapbook page with the photo! At the end, they bound up the book, and I went home with a scrapbook of photos and well-wishes of my friends!

After present opening time, a group of girls sat on the ground, and started using the ribbons and wrapping and tissue papers to fold into paper roses and paper carnations and dandelions. They gathered over a dozen of the paper flowers they made, with the many colorful ribbons (from the balloons and the presents), and made me a fake bouquet! Apparently, that’s the practice bouquet I’m to use during the rehearsal!

Then I saw the 20+ girls from various walks of my life come together in one room, talking, laughing, eating, sharing. It was an amazing feeling! And my bridesmaids, who only met each other because of this wedding, seemed to have become good friends and an amazing team! 🙂

I have an all-star team as my bridal party! And the many girls that aren’t bridesmaids, but also wonderful also volunteered to help set up and clean up! 😀

Thank you, ladies! This was awesome!! 😀

And yes, I went home and tried on many of the gifts, and they were all really thoughtful and nice! 🙂 I feel so loved!! It really makes me understand that idea of a “shower”! It’s like the last time the girl gets to hang out with her good friends, etc etc. And in my case, I’m actually moving away~ so it kinda does feel like a mini farewell party… or a giving-away party… like I’m being lovingly given away by my girl friends! 😥 sniff… tears of joy! 😉

To registry or not to registry (that Vitamix Blender!)

So my fiance and I have long completed our registry items, and many of our awesome guests have already started sending us gifts from these sites.

One day, I was at my friend’s house, and was using her blender, “This is an amazing blender~! Where did you get it?”

“Our wedding registry,” she answered, “You should put in onto yours, it’s a great blender. It’s by Vitamix.”

Prior to that moment in my life, I have never heard of Vitamix before. At first, I thought she said Vitamin, but then she spelled it out for me.

“That’s a great idea!” I say, “Do you know how much it is?” She shrugged, “can’t remember, just registered for it.”

So I go home, really excited to find this blender to add onto my registry. I go onto Bed Bath and Beyond’s site… search for Vitamix, and it auto-completes the term “Vitamix Professional Blender 5200 Series”. I’m overjoyed! They have this awesome blender that I can add onto my registry, and I love make smoothies and soups and juices, so I love blender power!

I look at the price.

I’m not sure how to respond.

Do you know HOW MUCH IT IS???

$500!!! (if you add Philadelphia tax… that’s an addition $40 in taxes…)

I can’t believe she didn’t remember the price of the blender!!! This would be a big ticket item! More than that iconic KitchenAid Mixer…

I’m not sure… I can’t, I can’t register for a $500 blender~ It’s slightly ridiculous. It costs more than our down comforter! It costs less than our couch and bed… but we’re comparing an appliance (blender) to a large daily furniture items (couch and bed).

I’m not sure… This is so tough.

I start looking up online. I google the line “Do I need a Vitamix” – and guess what? Many other people out there are asking the same question. They are also trying to justify a $500 blender… and if it’s really necessary.

I ask my girl friends, about this Vitamix blender. (It’s famous, they say, “Oh, that’s the Jamba Juice Blender!” another says, “That’s the Iron Chef Blender!”… the other 50% of them have no idea what it was… ahhh, just like me!)

They start reasoning with me why I SHOULD put it on my registry. “Well, if you use that Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon, it would only be $400 then! and then 4 people can buy it together, perfect! simple!” and also “It’s a really good item. You can do so much with it!” and then also “You can put it on, if people don’t get it, then whatever. Just cuz you put it on your registry doesn’t mean people HAVE TO buy it!”

So I think it over, watch some youtube and Vitamix videos about this magical blender… I’m still not sure… I’m quite torn…
I then research into the technology of it all, the rpm of the blades, the horsepower of the motor, the differences in the company’s various series and models…. the design of both heated and room temperature blending… Then I look up cooking tactics with this Vitamix blender: Smoothies, Juice, Frozen yogurt, sorbet, soup, nut butter (I didn’t know you could make these things…), emulsion (Also had no idea how to use that, but looked really good in one of the videos), all sorts of dips and guacamole, etc. Then it talks about time saving……………….. It all seems really cool… but… I still don’t know… $400 for  a BLENDER??

My fiance asks me this question when I presented to him my dilemma, “If someone were to hand you $400, would you go buy that blender?”