Been a long time coming

I’ve recently moved from Michigan to Chicago and now in Louisville.

Kentucky Bourbon – that’s here!

Yes, the South. Yes y’all …

While most of my East Coast friends either respond to this news with horror, nervous laugh, or left speechless – I must say: I’m pleasantly surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to move soon (this was only for a couple months) – but in the meantime, I’ve been welcomed by the warm and sweet arms of Southern hospitality. Yes, it’s all true, from the sweet tea to the amazing southern food and of course, Bourbon in everything. And while some people mock the South saying that the friendliness and kindness is disingenuous and fake, I must respond and say: as a person that just moved here, I much rather have some fake smiles than no smiles.

My first couple of weeks here I found local people bending over backward to help me find my way (armed with two iPhones, I still get lost), give me hand drawn maps on napkins of the best foodie locations, walk me a couple blocks just to show me where my final destination is, and bid me farewell with a “Welcome to Louisville! Welcome to the South!” before I turnaround to leave.

While I may not be convinced that I want to spend the rest of my life here and raise my family here, I will say that I’m very touched and warmed by how Louisville locals have welcomed our family these past months.

So after a long hiatus from this blog, I think I’m ready (remembered?) to come back! (Yes, thank you for also reminding me that there have been no new updates, friends…)

On with my crazy work and travel life, along with new experiences in the South, and of course, musings and reflections of love, faith and relationships!


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