Only in the Midwest (and maybe the South)

I walked into a major grocery store chain, biggest in the country, actually. Ok, fine, I say it… it’s Kroger. Anyway, one day I was picking up some items. After having just getting out of my car, I was still humming to the last tune in the car while listening to the Sirius XM Satellite Radio Station: The Message (a Christian radio station).

I walk int Kroger, pick up the weekly circular and start pushing my shopping cart and as I was desperately looking for White Pepper (not the millions of black pepper…), I suddenly realized that the store ambient music was the same song I was humming…. Wait, what?

Guys, I am not kidding. They were playing straight up Christian music. Not country music that would kinda mention the word “God” or rap songs that were in forms of prayer and said God. And I don’t mean the made-popular Christian bands like Switchfoot (which I love) and Creed and Reliant K or POD, who would sing about God, but not always in a direct or in-your-face super obvious way. But straight up Chris Tomlin and Desperation Band style Christian worship music, like CCM style. Whoa!

How is it that a Kroger can get away with playing Christian music as their ambient music choice? Don’t get me wrong, I love the music and I can now actually sing along to everything as I do my groceries… (as opposed to instrumental music or pop top 40’s etc…) But I’m just so impressed and utterly surprised that they can do that here!

I know for sure that in the East and West coast, these things would never be tolerated or allowed. Of course, if someone were to play Christian rock in their grocery store, they would also need to play Jewish chants and Islamic folk songs as well as some New Age Enya. Probably something along the lines of unsolicited “advertising” and equal representation of all groups, etc.

I’m impressed. Still am. Now every time I walk into that Kroger, I’ll try to see if I can identify the song playing, and maybe sing a line or two as well. Insanely wow!


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