Back In Philadelphia!

So I went back to Philadelphia for 9 days! I was so happy!

I got off the plane in Philadelphia, and suddenly realized that I started to smile at people!!!! Oh my goodness. Me?! I started being unable to control myself and would automatically look people in the eye and smile at them. People in the airport (I had just gotten off my plane from Michigan to Philadelphia) were NOT smiling back at me, but in fact giving me strange looks.

I had to slap myself (mentally) a few times, “What’s wrong with you? Get out of it! Get yourself together! You’re back! You’re in Philly now! Wipe that smile off that face! C’mon now! People will think you’re high or just crazy… or creepy!”

I also noticed that I was walking slower than the flow of human traffic going from the terminal gates to the platform to get onto the regional trains to get into the city. (I do miss mass transit!!!) I pumped up my walking speed. “What is wrong with me?!” I thought to myself, “I used to be queen of human traffic weaving! I would be doing the left lane on the sidewalk if it had one!”

How is it possible that just by being in the Midwest for 2 short (long?) months, it has made me… nicer? More pleasant?

Sheesh! That’s great! I’m glad I’m becoming nicer and more pleasant and peaceful, etc etc… But I’m going to have to survive Philadelphia for 9 days, so I better get my sass back or get eaten up alive here!

Hello, my beautiful restaurants!! Lacroix, Oyster House, Alma de Cuba, Dandelion, Tria, El Rey, Franklin Mortgage, Rouge, Ransted Room (my new fave), ALFA, Farmer’s Cabinet, City Tap House, and so many more!! Oh how I’ve missed you!!!!! 😀 And Chinatown!! Real Chinese Food again! And Vic’s Sushi!! the sweet soft taste of sashimi… oh how I’ve missed it all!!!!!!


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