License Plate Mistaken Identity

Every time I drive around, aggressively albeit, on the streets and highways of Michigan, I get really excited when I see out of state license plates, especially those from the East Coast. And I’m pretty lenient about the definition of “East Coast”. I’ll take Virginia, Maryland, all of New England of course, Pennsylvania, New York, etc… I’ll even go a bit south into the Carolinas.

There is this constant excitement that I feel when I see a New York State license. “Yes!!” I think, “Finally!! Someone who understands that the speed limit is the MINIMUM that you can drive at!”

Of course, getting all excited, I try to drive behind or close the the NY car… only to find, upon closer observation, that it’s actually a Michigan license plate…

I shake my head and blink a few times. That’s weird, I was sure it was NY!

Another day, I spot a NY car again! Excitedly, I’m right next to the car. I take a closer look, they have Michigan bumper stickers all over it… and… it turns out to be a Michigan license plate, AGAIN!

Oh goodness, how do I keep mistaking these license plates?

I do this a few times… and every time I realize it’s not a NY car, I get really disappointed…

I finally realize why I’m making this seemingly stupid (but justifiable… keep reading, I promise) mistake. The NY license plate has blue borders and the plate color behind the numbers/alphabet is all white, without any blemish or pictures. (I know this because I have a NY key chain with my name on it… that I look at everyday…). The Michigan license plates have various types. One of which ALSO has blue borders and a plain all-white background for where the numbers and letters are. Am I insane? They look very similar with upon a fast glance or from your peripheral vision. The only difference? The shade of blue. Both are dark blues, but the NY license plates have a darker blue (with the lighter blue on the top border), and the Michigan license plates have a tad lighter shade of blue.

I thought I was going mad… or maybe street crazy, or perhaps I was missing the East Coast too much that I started seeing things. (Strange that I didn’t start seeing those yellow NJ license plates… crazy Jersey drivers… those would haunt my memories if anything…)

I finally realized… Michigan copied NY’s license plate!!! (Also probably not true, considering that the PA license plate also has a plain white background with blue on its borders.)


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