Midwest Postive

Notice that it’s singular.

Just kidding.

But I’ve noticed one big thing is that moving here has made me realized how rude the East Coast is… i.e. how rude I used to (still can be??) to be. And since it’s for survival, you just become so toughened up and used to the rudeness. You grow a thick shell. When someone yells at you or honks or yells at another driver or screams out their window, it’s no big deal. You shrug it off, or shake your fist, or yell back, whichever it is… you keep on going about with your life.

Here… I have not seen people yelling or shouting or shaking fists (or even shaking their heads) at people.

It also could be the fact that it’s freezing here, so everyone is indoors. Or because in the Midwest, (because everything is so far apart, everyone drives everywhere) people usually just hop from their cars to one destination to the next. Minimizing all possible interactions with other humans. So no interaction + tons of personal space, and then what do you get? No Conflicts! At least confrontational types!

But anyhow, I will also comment that the people here can somehow keep themselves completely pleasant, no matter how hectic and busy a store gets, no matter how demanding a customer or child can be, no matter how difficult and tedious a task is… they somehow can keep a pleasant tone and be all sweet.

How do I know this? From my many shopping trips around this area. (Things are priced cheaper around here!! whoot!) So I will be in the changing room, and I can hear other customers talking to the store employees. Not that I intentionally¬†eavesdrop or anything… Just so happens that when I shop, I’m not usually on the phone or talking to myself, nor do I get too engrossed to my clothing considerations…. Therefore, I have a lot of spare attention (and silence) to hear what else is going on around me.

People are super apologetic and super thankful and super helpful and suuuper everything…. It’s so … nice….

That is… until I meet my friends that moved to Michigan from the South… and then they say that Michigan is not nice at all. They think Michigan is so rude…

Hmm, not sure if now is the time to unleash them to the Big Apple or my beloved Philadelphia or crazy soul-less DC …. they may just think that they just saw hell on earth.
(the place with no happy endings.. quoting from many recent movies/television shows)


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