Remedy to Road Rage

I’ve come to realize today… that if I sing really loudly and bounce around in my car, it actually helps eliminate (dull) my road rage. Not that I get that angry… but I do sometimes get annoyed. I’m sure this isn’t just in Michigan, and this may occur in many states or countries, but many times, people are driving without realizing that there are other people behind them, next to them, trying to merge or switch lanes to get off the highway…

Sometimes, as I’m trying to exit out the highway, the car that is whole car length behind me starts SPEEDING UP! Are you kidding me?!?!

Other times, I will safely be a car length behind a car in the left most lane… but that car is doing 65mph…. on a 70mph area… People have told me that it’s not okay to honk, so I just slowly follow them… until they decide to switch lanes or they have to get out at an exit.

There are many a times when people are barely in front of me in the next lane over, and then… THEY SWITCH INTO MY LANE.. which is annoying because it’s so close… but the worst thing?! THEY DON’T SIGNAL!!!! So dangerous!!
THAT I do honk at!

Anyhow… I can’t believe I’m devoting an entire entry on driving. This is kind of ridiculous, and I’m already feeling foolish at the end of this. Bottom line, I’m very happy today, because I realized that if I keep singing (mind you, if I rap, I’ll probably get even more worked up and ready to fight…) happy tunes, I end up being more able to let silly driving pho-pa’s slide…

that is… unless you suddenly cut into my lane with 2 feet difference and NO SIGNAL!!!

crazy peoples……

PS. Driving in Taipei and NYC and Philadelphia are sure ways to worsen your case of road rage… maybe Midwest IS helping me acquire a nicer attitude.. or maybe it’s just the sun and the singing today….


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