Football is the talk

I have noticed here… that people always talk about… Football!

NFL or College Football (University of Michigan and Michigan State are the popular ones here) are both hot topics that everyone seems to talk about.

But that’s not just it… it seems like in the Midwest… that’s ALL they talk about. That plus “What church do you go to?” (Just kidding… no sane person would immediately sak that… except in the South… or maybe here in Michigan… just saying…

I sit at the bar, and the bartender brings up some football talk. I’m standing in the elevator, and some dude brings up football. My friends meet my other friends, and after introductions, they’re not sure what to say, and suddenly they talk football.

It’s really interesting, because I just had two friends from the East Coast come visit. They can chat sports, but when we go out and meet friends or get together, we rarely talk sports. Sometimes we talk current events, we talk about job or work (or what do you do and where you work, etc), and then we talk about travels, we talk about movies and quotes and music and television and yes, gasp, we do actually talk about national and international policy. From healthcare policy to foreign policy to the GOP nominations to this year’s tax changes. We talk about currency, stock markets, newest restaurants and shows in Vegas, etc etc. (random, I know…)

But it’s very rare that people ALWAYS talk about sports. (Unless, of course, you’re in a sports bar or on a weekday night at ALFA… then sure, we talk sports.. for a bit… before we venture off to some other random topic again). I just love when people talk about these issues or topics. Sometimes I join, but I also love to just listen and learn. Conversations like these are so interesting, informative, stimulating, and fun. (Obviously all players involved need to be mature and not say slanderous things or make personal attacks, personal both to the person talking and policies/politicians being talked about… key to having a good discussion with many different opinions and views involved is being civil.)

But anyway…. So, of course, it begs the question: WHY?!

Why do the people around here always stay on the topic of Football? (the American type…)

1. They truly love it so much, and that’s all they love, they only have one passion, and that’s it.

2. They are polite (as mentioned in MANY previous entries), and talking about sports is a somewhat neutral zone, it means people don’t really have to share about themselves or be vulnerable or risk offending people. So they talk about football, because, like Switzerland, it’s a neutral zone, and it’s a safe topic. Albeit similar day-to-day (you cheer for that team, I cheer for this one. We may cheer for the same one. yay. that was such a great play. no, that totally sucked. We totally got robbed, …) , but it’s safe.

3. They have no idea what’s going on about current events nor music nor restaurants, they have their TVs always on ESPN. They know, kinda, who is the president (maybe), but aside from that, they really don’t care about any of that. (This seems like a very unlikely option… since TV ratings show that Midwest population have a STRONG swing + presence when it comes to viewership and ratings.)

4. It’s too cold in the winter and the only thing entertaining to do is watch football and talk smack with your buddies. So forget ice skating at Rockefeller or window shopping at the Macy’s on 34th street. Nevermind trying to drive out to Atlantic City or try to hit up those upcoming Cherry Blossoms in DC (I know that’s still a long ways away). Forget trying to build awkward snowmen or ninja turtles in Rittenhouse Square, or trying to sit outside in January underneath crazy strong heat lamps as you eat sorbet or some weird new appetizer the chef invented this month.   Things around here are far away. It takes a long time to drive. There really aren’t that many activities as though a dense city would offer. (Late night Karaoke anyone?! Hey! That one is all-season!!)   So maybe, since winter comes, and all shuts down, perhaps football is the only things with life that is still around, exciting, entertaining, and fun.

But then again, maybe people do talk about other things… it’s just for some reason, they see me, a tall skinny girl in heels, and they somehow feel the need to bring up football…. Maybe my face has the words “Please talk football to me” written all over it. So who knows. Maybe that table over there is actually talking about the recent GOP debates and who’s foreign policy sucks. Or maybe they’re talking about what Obama did great this year, and which things were, then again, not so great.

Geez… I need to figure out how to switch this invisible sign on my face…


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