And I was having a good time… you damn racist

I went out with some of my new friends that I made in Michigan.

I was out in Royal Oak, the supposed “rittenhouse” and yuppie area of Michigan.

Yah right.

I was out there, we were at a bar and restaurant. This dude who was WHITE came in with a fro, told us it was with his company, cuz they were doing an “event” (not sure why it had to be a fro???),  but he was sitting next to us.

He asked us why I was there, I said I was new around the area. He said, why? I said my husband was a doctor and I just moved from the East Coast. He said his brother was also a doctor from this small hospital in Michigan. I was like, ok, great. I can’t even remember what happened next, but very quickly, he said I was Asian. I said I’m very aware that I am. Then he called me black. (WTF?!?!? I’m ASIAN, BUT how am I BLACK???). Then he proceeded to tell me that I don’t belong around here. And before I could even defend myself, he walked off. To tell the next few people in the restaurant loudly that I don’t belong there.

I’m now crying. Completely disgusted and in awe that this happened.

Did someone just tell me to LEAVE a restaurant because I was Asian?! And cuz I was the only asian in the restaurant and because of my race I wasn’t welcomed in Royal Oak!?!??!

Didn’t realize you hated seeing people that were different from you and felt the need to come up and tell us that I wasn’t welcomed.

I ended driving home, in tears crying so hard in my car that my husband came down to get me from the parking lot.

I cannot believe what type of a place I just moved to.

This place is ridiculous.

Screw you, Michigan Royal Oak Dude who’s wearing a fro wig with aviator sunglasses at night, you’re also “not from around here”, you’re from the European mutt countries. What is wrong with you??! why do you think you, white male trash, have the right to wear a fro and call someone Asian, then black, then ask them to leave!? what?!?!?!

Last time I looked, I didn’t see a sign that said “No colored people allowed”

So suck it. If you wanted a white supremacist place, maybe you should have notified the manager and owner.

I went to the manager to notify his ridiculous behavior and he was asked to leave.

Screw you.  be Gone.


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