I never thought of myself of a hard core Democrat… or even a “Liberal”…

Today, I was doing some routine grocery shopping, yes, in that suburbian looking SUV of mine… shopping in these ridiculously stepford wives looking areas…

I walk into a grocery store… and I lift an eyebrow as I walk past a sign saying “Impeach Obama”.

I finish my shopping, and now there is a guy standing there. A young Caucasian male with another young African American woman. I’m loading my groceries into my car trunk, and then the start waving at me and my husband. They were waving and saying hi to us. I was not in the mood.

C’mon, are you kidding? You’re trying to impeach our president in the last year of office? Plus during all the crazy debates and primaries and pre-election things going on?? Bill Clinton was guilty as charged with an actual black and white issue (yes, he really did have an affair with M.L.) and it still was impossible to impeach Clinton. How do you think you’ll impeach Obama? When it’s more of an opinion of “I don’t think he is doing a good job.” or “I don’t think he kept his promises the way I assumed he would.” etc etc… Or whatever other crime you think Obama has done, it’s not actually going to stand in court, or else prosecutors would have been on him right now… (Herman Cain anyone?)

Anyhow, they tried to motion for me to go over to them. I raise up my hand, pointed to myself and shouted towards them, “I voted for him.” As I start to get in my car. “You did?” they exclaim, incredulously. I’m like, are you serious?!?! Your state voted blue in the last election, you’d have to assume that SOME humans in Michigan voted for him.

We drive out of the parking lot, and they were still trying to get our attention. I was so annoyed. Really? On a Saturday morning outside a nice grocery store? With a sign that drew a Hitler mustache on Obama?? Trying to impeach Obama at this point in time? Are you kidding?!?!

I never thought of myself as a hardcore leftist, and I’m definitely registered as an independent. But moving here, and in comparison to some of the people around me, I now come off to be seemingly really liberal. (Which I don’t really care nor  mind.) Maybe it’s because the coastal mindsets are just much more liberal in general. And when in Philadelphia, almost all of the young professionals that I knew held similar viewpoint on social issues like healthcare and education and tax. (Ethical and moral issues views were usually more varied.)

People that I’ve been meeting are not interested in the “issues” themselves. They just choose a team, the red team.. and then just only support EVERYTHING of that party. But when I ask why, they give me a goof off answer (better to just listen to Glenn Beck or some crazy mid-America Fox News if you want a bit more substance). Obviously, I realize that this is not really a state where people can share their different views and have a fun philosophical discussion (unless you’re in Ann Arbor). People here think that there’s only ONE right answer to policies and laws. They aren’t interested to hear about the different positions, the different possibilities and, of course, the pros and cons to every side of the story. My brain is transforming into goop over here.

I’m too scared to speak up about my opinions anymore (unless I completely 100% agree). Otherwise, it seems like people here aren’t interested in mutual sharing and mutual learning.

One day, this woman briefly mentioned about healthcare policies really need to be changed. (She didn’t even say how yet, by the way. She just raised the point that healthcare policies really need to be revisited and revised.) Then this older woman immediately shut her down and  said, “No, you don’t want that. Now now.” And then treated this 45+ year old woman like a child, and then patting her, as if to pat some sense into her. WHAT?! oh, and the discussion, killed. She was like, “Oh, Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.” !@#$%

C’mon peoples! Freedom of speech!

It’s okay to have different opinions. Look at your beloved GOP primary candidates! During debates, other than attacking each other like children, they actually do differ on many policy ideas, like immigration, foreign policy, national defense, healthcare, etc. That doesn’t mean they’re all not part of the GOP. That doesn’t mean they can’t talk about it.  We can talk even if we have different views.


2 thoughts on “I never thought of myself of a hard core Democrat… or even a “Liberal”…

  1. I agree that there is too much yelling and name calling and not enough discussion of the issues.

    Now you are young and it has often been said that when you are young if you are not a liberal you don’t have a heart and as you get older if you are not a conservative, you don’t have a brain.

    My problems with Obama are many and varied. I believe in MLK’s Dream Speech where he said to judge a man by the content of his character. Obama’s character is seriously flawed. He is a serial liar on thing that he did not even have to lie about. For example, he pledged in 8 major campaign speeches to televise health care negotiations on C Span and then promptly reneged on that promise and not only did not have a transparent government but did the negotiations in secret and even kept out the republicans.

    Then even though the health care bill was not supposed to actually take effect for 4 years we had to sign it immediately and no one was even allowed to read it. It is a disbarrable offense if an attorney knowingly has a client sign a document that he has not read thoroughly and understand completely.

    This is just for starters. You can see more if you google just two phrases: The lies of Obama and the broken promises of Obama.

    John Wilder

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