Auto Insurance, Mattress Hunting, and Honeymoon Reservations

Did you think that planning a wedding would sometimes include these items? I didn’t. 

Ok, the honeymoon reservations were obvious… but when I think wedding planning, I often think of more the dress, the food, the cake, the bridal party, etc.

So today, at work, I got slammed with 3 very stressful topics. Auto Insurance (I don’t own / drive a car in the city of Philadelphia, thank goodness…), buying a new mattress, and our honeymoon reservations have been paid… twice.

The main reason why it’s stressful is just because I don’t know anything about those 3 things.

I don’t drive a car and we’re about to buy a car for me for when I move to Michigan. I think about the color of the car, the interior, whether or not I can get Sirius XM radio or Navigon, etc etc… But probably the most important thing about buying a car is registering the car and getting it insured (or at least getting yourself covered under some type of auto insurance plan). Now throw in the fact that I’m moving… everything gets more complicated. I’m currently a Pennsylvania resident, planning to buy a car in PA, to drive it up to MI, in order to register and insure it there… (my fiance was the one who reminded me about these other… important details).

As for the mattress situation, we need to buy a new mattress for us after the wedding. We are looking for one that has combined firmness, so one half being soft (for me) and one half being firm (for him). While Mattress Giant carries this (and a good one, might I add, since I have married friends that own it), there is no Mattress Giant in the state of Michigan… and it is unable to deliver this mattress to us. So now we have to look for other similar ones. Except… I’ve learned now, that mattress stores are very similar to used car dealerships, and the salespersons are equal in their shadiness.

I’ve been going online and searching for tips on how to find a mattress. I first get a ton of tips and guides about how NOT to get conned by mattress salespersons. Then I come by a few sites with review forums on all the brands and models of mattresses available. While I understand that there is a high potential that only dissatisfied and angry customers will be proactive and complain about the product, I also wanted to see what the complaints were. This made me more terrified about this now ever-growing daunting task of buying a new mattress.

As for the honeymoon reservations, we have two destination, of the two, one is in Asia. While we have already reserved and put down a deposit, my lovely well-intentioned father texted me to tell me that he helped us reserved our hotel suites for the Asia portion of the honeymoon and has paid everything in FULL. While that’s very thoughtful, I’m sweating cold sweat, because that means we now have two reservations, one half paid, one fully paid. My father says his can’t be refunded (not really sure the exact details…) but he had bought a package, with all-inclusive food and drinks for the stay, as well as massages, etc etc.

So now we need to see if we can get a full refund on our previously paid deposit for that first reservation, and just use the second (father-made) reservation.

Did not think that these things would be the items that stress me out during the work day. Unless of course emails and phone calls and text messages were being sent around DURING the work day…

(Below: pictures of where we are going for our first portion of the honeymoon!)


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