Impending Move to MI

I’m so excited to move to Michigan, and finally be able to live with my husband after we get married.

But I am so so sad to be leaving Philadelphia. Every time I walk outside on the streets in Center City, I am saddened by the fact that MI cities will no longer be walking cities, large East Coast cities, where people bike and walk everywhere… even in the snow.

When I relax with my girl friends at the outdoor seating areas for restaurants along Rittenhouse Square, I’m saddened by the fact that I have to leave this area, this park with bi-weekly farmers’ markets, dog and art festival, random street performers, child violin prodigies playing Vivaldi’s various Seasons on the corners of Walnut St.

I run errands like a madwoman in Center City. First to the post office, then to the store to return items, stop into the bank, next to CVS to pick up some toiletries, and then stopping into Di Bruno Brothers to pick up some cheese, maybe into Sue’s Produce for some grapes and veggies, and finally the nearby Wine Store for a bottle or two of champagne…. and I’m all walking… within a 2 block radius. I know Detroit and Ann Arbor are both great cities, but none can rival Philadelphia Center City, with all these stores and offices so close to each other.

I’m so excited to finally have a car again, once I move to Michigan. I’m excited I no longer have to shop at Trader Joe’s with a basket, so to be careful I don’t over-buy and kill myself while trying to walk my groceries home. In Michigan, I will have a car, we have decided to buy an SUV. Now I can drive into a Trader Joe’s, park the car, load up a shopping cart FULL of heavy groceries (you know the ones, cans, bottle juices, more canned items, milk, heavy dense meats, fruits and melons …), and then roll this shopping cart to my car… no need to break my back (and arms) while carrying one or two bags of groceries along the streets of Philadelphia.

I’m excited that I’ll have a much bigger apartment that the one I have in Rittenhouse Square… all the while paying much less in Michigan than I am in Philadelphia. I’m excited that I get to redecorate a whole apartment all over again, starting from the furniture down to the wall paintings.

I’m excited to be living amongst a calmer population, more smiling people, and the midwest hospitality.

I am apprehensive of being the weird East Coast driver/walker that zooms around at twice the speed as everyone else in Michigan. I’m worried that I look like a maniac when I talk double the speed than everyone I meet. I’m worried that I come off too straight forward and direct, just trying to communicate, but being misunderstood by Midwesterners.

I’m so excited to be living with my best friend, my husband!, everyday! But I’m sad that I will be losing my entire community of friends and family that I have in Philadelphia. From my entire young adult crazy church community, all of our boardgames, and watching 3 full games of football on any given Sunday (starting up again last Sunday!), going out for beers on a random notice, etc. I will miss my friends from work and from around the city, as we continue to explore and critic new/old restaurants all around Center City (and when we feel “adventurous”, we will actually cross over the Broad St. boundary…)

I miss having a Sephora right across the street from a Victoria’s Secret, that is right across from J Crew and Express, and right next to a Godiva Chocolate. I will miss the little Dollar Tree that is nestled right on Chestnut, next to the H&M, Brooks Brothers, Staples, and Del Frisco Steakhouse.

I guess I will have to start shopping at these large malls in Michigan, not bad, but I think I’ve grown to love the street shopping in Center City. But at least I will have a car in Michigan and can take me to the Outlet malls anytime I want!

I can’t wait to be in Michigan, but I’m so terrified of the day that I will leave Philadelphia…
Am I just a big ironic paradox?! How can I want to leave and not want to leave?!


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