Making new girl friends is like asking people out on first dates

So I’m visiting Michigan for a few days, and I’m trying to make some friends, in preparation of my eventual move to the Midwest in November after our wedding.

I currently have 3 friends in Michigan. One is my cousin, 2nd one is my good girlfriend, but she’s in med school and is very busy, and 3rd is my fiance’s friend’s wife, who is currently in law school and lives 1 hour away.

I went with Brian to church this morning, and afterwards there was a farewell potluck for Brian’s small group member, who we are both very familiar with. Sadly, the friend’s girlfriend, who I’ve made friends with a few months back, is also moving away next month. I need to find friends here!

So I started chatting with many of the women in church, they were very nice, fun and pleasant. Not many of these girls are from crazy towns like NYC or LA, but I am learning so much from people who moved from Arkansas or South Carolina, etc etc. To me, Michigan has a much slower pace with mostly friendly human beings occupying this space than in comparison to the East Coast. Much to my surprise, South Carolina girl says that she finds Michigan to be too fast pace and often blunt and rude. !!! How interesting!

I met the ladies at the potluck, and I really like them all! I trade numbers with a few of them. And one girl told me her availability this week. I will be staying in Michigan till Thursday.

I come home and work on some stuff for work. I’m debating, “Should I ask her to hang out via text? Maybe I should facebook her. I wonder if she’s facebooked me yet?”

Finally, I take a break from work, and give her a call. She picks up and says my name! (Yes!! She saved me into her phone!! Score!) I ask her if she’s willing to come out to where I am, since I have no car (nor means of transportation) yet. She says of course. I’m overjoyed. We pick a date and a time. She says to text her our address.

Whew!! I did it! I invited her out, and I’m going to have a girls’ hang out this Tuesday!

I’m so excited and happy! I feel as though…………… I just asked someone out on a date, and they said YES!

Hahhaha, this is a very interesting feeling, considering that we’re both engaged/married women…. And it’s not a date, but maybe a play date? or a hang out?

I guess this is the process of making new friends! ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Making new girl friends is like asking people out on first dates

  1. Whoa! You’re married! Congratulations!!! So excited for you! How are things going? I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve checked out your blog. I’m going to have to figure a better way then.

    I totally feel your pain about making new girl friends. It is a lot of pressure! Hope things went well though. If you see someone start following your blog in the next two minutes…it’s probably me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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