To registry or not to registry (that Vitamix Blender!)

So my fiance and I have long completed our registry items, and many of our awesome guests have already started sending us gifts from these sites.

One day, I was at my friend’s house, and was using her blender, “This is an amazing blender~! Where did you get it?”

“Our wedding registry,” she answered, “You should put in onto yours, it’s a great blender. It’s by Vitamix.”

Prior to that moment in my life, I have never heard of Vitamix before. At first, I thought she said Vitamin, but then she spelled it out for me.

“That’s a great idea!” I say, “Do you know how much it is?” She shrugged, “can’t remember, just registered for it.”

So I go home, really excited to find this blender to add onto my registry. I go onto Bed Bath and Beyond’s site… search for Vitamix, and it auto-completes the term “Vitamix Professional Blender 5200 Series”. I’m overjoyed! They have this awesome blender that I can add onto my registry, and I love make smoothies and soups and juices, so I love blender power!

I look at the price.

I’m not sure how to respond.

Do you know HOW MUCH IT IS???

$500!!! (if you add Philadelphia tax… that’s an addition $40 in taxes…)

I can’t believe she didn’t remember the price of the blender!!! This would be a big ticket item! More than that iconic KitchenAid Mixer…

I’m not sure… I can’t, I can’t register for a $500 blender~ It’s slightly ridiculous. It costs more than our down comforter! It costs less than our couch and bed… but we’re comparing an appliance (blender) to a large daily furniture items (couch and bed).

I’m not sure… This is so tough.

I start looking up online. I google the line “Do I need a Vitamix” – and guess what? Many other people out there are asking the same question. They are also trying to justify a $500 blender… and if it’s really necessary.

I ask my girl friends, about this Vitamix blender. (It’s famous, they say, “Oh, that’s the Jamba Juice Blender!” another says, “That’s the Iron Chef Blender!”… the other 50% of them have no idea what it was… ahhh, just like me!)

They start reasoning with me why I SHOULD put it on my registry. “Well, if you use that Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon, it would only be $400 then! and then 4 people can buy it together, perfect! simple!” and also “It’s a really good item. You can do so much with it!” and then also “You can put it on, if people don’t get it, then whatever. Just cuz you put it on your registry doesn’t mean people HAVE TO buy it!”

So I think it over, watch some youtube and Vitamix videos about this magical blender… I’m still not sure… I’m quite torn…
I then research into the technology of it all, the rpm of the blades, the horsepower of the motor, the differences in the company’s various series and models…. the design of both heated and room temperature blending… Then I look up cooking tactics with this Vitamix blender: Smoothies, Juice, Frozen yogurt, sorbet, soup, nut butter (I didn’t know you could make these things…), emulsion (Also had no idea how to use that, but looked really good in one of the videos), all sorts of dips and guacamole, etc. Then it talks about time saving……………….. It all seems really cool… but… I still don’t know… $400 for  a BLENDER??

My fiance asks me this question when I presented to him my dilemma, “If someone were to hand you $400, would you go buy that blender?”


2 thoughts on “To registry or not to registry (that Vitamix Blender!)

  1. i think you could also mill your own flour with wheat berries.. 0_o.I think a good thing to think about is WHAT you would do with it. which functions would you use most? would you do the research / put the time into the alternative uses other than for smoothies/pureeing soups? my mom has one and she loveees it, btw! it IS a very powerful thing, but I think it would come down to how frequently you would use it…good luck!

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