The search for the right wedding band

As in… rings… not the musical bands. 🙂

So my engagement ring is has a solitaire circle cut diamond, with melee diamonds around the band. So what would look good? Perhaps a similar melee diamond band? Or the E’toile band from Tiffany’s? Or maybe just a plain band? But what size? what band thickness?

So complicated~ 😦

So I started staring at women’s left 4th finger… on the streets, on the bus, while shopping, at Nine West (yes, I just bought two pairs of shoes… it was necessary!!!).

Seems like there are all types of matching that can happen. I started looking online. That didn’t help at all.

So I start asking friends. Most people look at my ring and say I should get a melee diamond band, to match the band I have already. So I tried that. It looked… not right.

From afar, the two melee bands just merged together and it looked as though it were one melee thick band. It didn’t at all look like I was married!

Then we tried a plain band at 2mm. Since my engagement ring had a 2mm melee band, I thought, “Well, of course! We’ll
get a plain platinum 2mm band!” Perfect, right?


It looked like my engagement ring was eating up my wedding band. Also… not really a good thing.  In addition, since my engagement ring (let’s call it Ring A…) has melee diamonds on it, it makes the thickness (no, not the 2mm thickness, but the other dimension) thicker.

*Let’s see, if you were buying a table or couch, it gives height x witdth x length. So if length is the ring size diameter, like size 4 or 5 or 6.5, etc… then the height would actually be the band width (haha, internet pun) measuring 2mm or 3mm or 4mm + for usual men’s wedding bands. So then I guess the dimension I’m talking about would be “width”?? which is the distance from the flesh of your finger to the outermost circumference of the ring…. (outer radius – inner radius)… why is this becoming such a nerdy post?

Anyhow, so now there is this other dimension, which is the “thickness” of the band, not longitudinally, but radially.

So, I go to a store, shop online, learn about wedding bands (which I found to be greatly over-shadowed by the glamorous and famous engagement ring, which is ironic… since I think the wedding band has much more weight and significance in the grand scheme of … life?).

So apparently there are these “shapes” called: Comfort fits, and it reshapes the inner lining of the ring, so it’s comfortable for you. In addition, you can have different surfaces, it can be a flat surface or a curved surface.

So, to compensate for the engagement ring eating your wedding band, you can either:

1. Get it 1 size bigger, so the two outer circumferences line up.
2. Get the ring to have a curved surface so that the outermost point aligns with the engagement ring.
3. Get a wider band (as in forego the 2mm and get the 3mm).

So that’s what I did.

Done and done.

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