Let the Seating Charts Begin!

What do most people care most about weddings? Is it what dress the bride wears? Or how good the food is? What do you care about most? What makes or breaks the wedding for you? Maybe it’s that open bar (or lack thereof). Or perhaps it’s the awesome DJ?

Think again.

People usually love the wedding or hate the wedding based on what table they’re sitting at. Don’t believe me? Think about it this way. What table you’re sitting at, also determines who you will be spending 2-3 hours with at the wedding. Unfortunately, you will not be spending all 2-3 hours right next to your buddies, the bride and groom. So are you going to dance till the last song? Or snatch your purse and leave the earliest you can? The people who you’re sitting next to will determine whether you’re doing shots together and dragging each other onto the dance floor, or making polite small talk with the 70 year old grandma next to you.

That being said, I now realize why the task is daunting… I, as the bride, am manipulating these names (post-it color coded tabs) to having a great night, lousy night, or even (singles’ table, anyone?) meeting the person of their dreams!

So I start with the easier ones: Family.
Should be straight forward, right? Not really. Do the cousins have their own table? And the aunts and uncles of the older generation get another? They are all speak different languages, so should I arrange them based on language? Most likely, the more Americanized families will communicate in English, and others will speak most comfortably in Chinese.

Ok, now the singles table:
Do I pre-filter based on age, demographics, careers, and personality? Or maybe I should do it geographically? (Don’t want to wish long-distance relationships on anyone… )

How about teenagers? I have some friends that have kids that are teenagers, should I group all the teenagers and give them a few teen tables? But what if the parents want the kids to sit next to them? Or if the teenagers don’t want to mingle (can they be mean to each other at a wedding?!). The wedding is also an open bar… would the parents be concerned? Though most of my teenagers are Christian kids… so maybe they’ll know better… especially if many of the attending guests are their church teachers and pastors…

I’m trying to sketch, sketch, and re-sketch different layouts for the tables, in fear that one or two tables will feel that they are the “unimportant people” if they feel that they are in the corner, or the back, or the farthest. Trying to play some geometry and figure out to make everyone somewhat equal distance… (only geometric shape would be a circle… but then it’s impractical to put the bride and groom in the center of the circle, which is where the dance floor needs to be… unless we move the table… but is that too much?! ahhhhhhhh~~)

Oh and no worries, definitely no long rectangular head table… that was way too 80s…. and also makes people feel disconnected~! (At least that’s my opinion, after going to a wedding with a massive head table… we couldn’t even see/hear what was going on~)

But I must admit, things are starting to get fun, especially the thought of seeing all my friends and family again, and having them meet each other. I can’t wait! 🙂


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