I promise I’m not a Bridezilla….

I think…

So though I don’t know about dresses, nor do I really care about flowers… I am a nazi for schedules and contracts.

So awhile ago, a girl friend of mine (previous bride about a year ago), sat down with me after a happy hour, and we typed up a draft schedule, from the hair and makeup, all until the very end of the reception.

Then, a few days later, I decided to reorganize the notes and turn it into a powerpoint, so I can print handouts as well as present it to my Sales Manager, Banquet Captain, and my team of coordinators (starting from the Flower Coordinator, that talks to the florist, to the Head Usher, to the Cocktail Hour Coordinator, to the Music director, Sound System Coordinator, and last but not least, gift table coordinator).

I made each slide about a 10 min to 1 hour time slot, depending on the amount of details within each time frame. I documented everything, from when the strings pause, and start again. Who takes cues from who to close the door, stop the guests, hand out boutonnieres, usher the guests to the next location, etc etc.

Each slide was then further sectioned into location: Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception.

Then each person’s name appeared in the location they were supposed to be at during that time frame, and had bullet points that documented what they needed to do.

I don’t think I’m being a bridezilla. I’m just being organized.

Then, at the very end, there is a Personnel Directory, with the names, title, and phone numbers of every person on the team, and also a comment section which lists out the locations that person will need to go to on the day of.

After, I also handed out a packet of images and floor plan.

We did a preliminary walk through tour as we also went through the powerpoint schedule. I don’t think I’m too crazy, right?

I’m like organization, I love schedules, things that are black and white and definite…

Things that are tough are ones such as: flowers, decorations, colors, everything else…

My conversation with the florist, “So, what’s the price of each flower?”
“Depends,” she answers, “What style did you have in mind? What do you imagine your wedding to be like? What colors do you like? … What are you looking for?”
“Just a spreadsheet of all your flowers and the unit price for each individual item,” I say.
She just looks at me.


4 thoughts on “I promise I’m not a Bridezilla….

  1. Ah.. this is like music to my ears 🙂 Of course you’re not crazy… or maybe you are, but I’m here to say you’re not the only one.

    Glad you’re so on top of things! It’s going to be a great wedding! 🙂

  2. I would advise googling wholesale floral prices to give yourself a better idea. Often times floral vendors don’t know the costs of flowers until a week or two before – as their wholesalers have not established the market value they themselves will be paying. Some flowers though stay at steady wholesale prices throughout the year (i.e. hydrangeas – always around $3.00 a stem, Roses 50 cents, (YES – Valentines day is RIDICULOUS) etc.). If you want seasonal flowers such as peonies, or more exotic flowers like orchids it is going to cost more. Another thing to note is that wholesale flowers are usually not purchased by the stem – they come in bunches or boxes. Like – tulips – they come in bunches of about 24 – so there is never really any per stem rate. I would ask your florist for a rate per arrangement/bouquet – then ask them for some alternatives in costs. If you ADD orchids – how much more – substitute mums – how my LESS, etc. But preparing flowers and STORING them is not cheap – so floral labor is usually expensive as they have to deliver you a live and beautiful perfect arrangement. Sorry for the long response – florals can be very confusing – until I got involved with weddings I had NO idea so I just wanted to share what I know. Good luck with your planning. It seems like you have got yourself very well organized!

  3. I applaud your effort but no matter what you do, it’s going to be crazy…however as a “detail NAZI” myself, you are doing exactly what I would…keep a list and keep it neat…if youre unorganized…God help you!


    Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DAY…Enjoy it!


  4. You are indeed highly organized. But not everyone is quite as organized as you, so allow for a little spontaneity. It doesn’t have to mean chaos and confusion. The larger the wedding, of course, the more details to wrangle.

    We’re doing something small and simple; no attendants; no DJ, etc…I prefer to go small and super-pretty and controllable.

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