My Beloved City

This weekend, I went to Michigan for 4 days, Friday – Monday. My fiance is a doctor in the midst of trauma surgery residency… he gets one day off (which he usually uses to catch up on sleep) and the other days he works 5am – 9pm.

So a few weeks back, he’s already  moved into our new apartment, however, two days after the move, he started back on trauma day team. So he’s been living out of boxes (the few that were half unpacked) and plastic forks and paper cups.

This weekend, I brought my data and my work, but in the down time, I was planning to do some deep cleaning (of the kitchen and bathrooms) and also unpack as many boxes as I can. (He somehow has more things than I do, although I have not packed up my Philadelphia apartment, I know I will not have 70 boxes, which is what his old apartment packed up to be…) Before I got there, the boxes were just all around the living room, hallway, master bedroom, guestrooms, stacked up 3-4 boxes high… I don’t know how he lived in that place for a month…

I spent some time putting down contact paper in the kitchen cabinets and drawers, then I moved on to working on the bathrooms. Later, I started unpacking the boxes, I think I unpacked all the boxes except for maybe 4 boxes. (Ones with labels like Tech, or Motorcycle, etc… his guy stuff… I figured I shouldn’t try to unpack or reorganize them… )

He came back and was overjoyed!! Overjoyed that he can drink out of glass cups now! Instead of being so careful not to lose his only 2 paper cups that he’s been depending on for the last 4 weeks….

We also got to look at some of the wedding reception sites that his parents had suggested, for when doing the 3rd reception in Michigan

We are living on the 26th floor of our apartment tower. The view is gorgeous, and we can see Canada (Windsor!) and a full view of the river (not sure which one it is yet… I’m sure I’ll start learning the names…)

I love our new space!

I fly back into Philadelphia on Monday, and as I’m walking down the streets of Center City, I take a deep breath and smell the cars exhaust, the pollution, the heat, the Septa buses, and I still love my city, Philadelphia. I know in the next few months I will start packing, and saying good bye to some of my favorite restaurants and streets and parks.

I know Michigan has parks and restaurants. I know they have museums, I know they have a large city, Detroit. But it’s not the same. It’s not an East Coast crazy city like Philadelphia. It doesn’t have short walkable blocks lined with overpriced retail stores and overpriced and undersized gourmet food. It doesn’t have Rittenhouse parkview restaurant. It doesn’t have a festival (some crazy ones, too) that happen every other weekend.

Yes, I took a deep whiff of the Philadelphia City air, and really missed it. Someone think we’re dirty, some people think we’re rude and mean. Some people vow never to live on the East Coast. Well, I only left Philadelphia for 4 days, and when I was back, I couldn’t wait to step right back into my little beloved city.

Yes, bad air and mean people and all, I’ve missed you.


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