Latest technology: Guys, it’s obsolete to wait, texting on the same night is the new trend

So we’ve all heard and used the strategy of waiting 1, 3 or 5 days before calling a girl (or guy) after a good date or after exchanging contact info them.

However, I’ve just received new intel saying that the above strategy is obsolete and the latest technology is to text on the same day/night.

Wait, really?

Yes, they answer, so you can capitalize on momentum right after you met them; you want to contact that them while they’re still thinking about you and when you’re fresh on their minds.

“But doesn’t that seem a bit desperate? And I thought guys and girls nowadays loved playing this ‘game’?” I asked. Remembering watch some TV shows or movies, when guys give other guys advice on NOT calling the girl immediately. And same thing with girls, her friends are telling him not to call him until he calls, and if he doesn’t call to wait up to 3 days before calling back? What happened to all these waiting days?

Their answer: “Back in the day, without text messages (or perhaps it was less popular and widespread), making a phone call to a guy/girl the same night or immediately the next day was too aggressive. And such a aggressive move may scare off the ‘target; as coming off too strong and forceful. So back then, we would advise each other to wait a few days. But now, texting is available! We’re not telling people to call that night or the next day. We’re just saying, ‘Send a text.'”

“Now, texting IS an option. Texting is now a great in-between method to stay in contact but not scare off your ‘target’. A phone call is too much, but just having no contact (silence) is also too little. Texting is the perfect option, and it should be used immediately after to jump on the momentum and the fresh image.”

At this point in the conversation, the usage of the word “target” was so disturbing to me, that I switched topics…


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