Marriage is like Tennis!

This weekend, my fiance and I went back to Pittsburgh to visit some of my college friends, college advisors and past professors.

We stayed with my church college advisors for the weekend. They are a couple in their 40s with 3 teenage daughters. They were my mentors and teachers throughout college, and continue to pray for me after I moved away after college.

The couple challenged us to a game of friendly tennis. The husband, being very good at tennis, gave my fiance and I both a quick tennis lesson (free!!) before we started playing.

When the game started, I started moving closer and closer to the mid-line… The husband laughingly shouts over, “Hey! Move back on your side! Tennis is like marriage! You gotta let him hit his side! Stop hogging the court!”

I didn’t realize that I had started to move toward the mid-line. Me, being not too awesome in tennis-doubles, only focuses my eyes on the ball, and forget where I’m standing…

I realize how interesting and accurate this comment is! Both Brian and I are very capable people, living our single lives happily and successfully. Suddenly, we are starting a life together. Same about of chores, but two people, should be great, right? Except we start needing to compromise and letting the other person do their routine/chore/job peacefully, instead of periodically interjecting our comment and suggestion. Or better yet, “Here, just let me do it.”

Just like how we share a court in tennis, and I need to respect my tennis partner’s side of the court… and the balls that come in his direction and are his to hit… In marriage, I need to respect my husband’s role, and his¬†responsibilities, I need to refrain from trying to make decisions for him, to try to take over his role and responsibilities.

But… in tennis… I still have the tendency to cross the midline and try to take over his side of the hits!! hahhaha~ I guess that’s why both doubles tennis and marriage take time and practice…


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