Nieman Marcus Cookies

This morning, I went into the office coffee area to make myself some milktea, yes, if you think it’s weird, think Taiwan… And yes, it’s hot. Once again, if this is weird, think Taiwan restaurants, at the end of the meal, when they ask you, “Hot/cold coffee, Hot/cold Tea or Milk Tea, or Orange Juice?” for your dessert drink option.

Anyhow, so I was making my hot milk-tea when I noticed a sign and a box of cookies… “Nieman Marcus Cookies. ENJOY”

So my first thought was, “wow, I didn’t realize Nieman Marcus was in the business of making cookies.” Then I thought, “are these cookies more expensive because  they’re from Nieman Marcus?” And finally my last thought, “Are they any better?? than normal cookies??”

My answers: Yes, I guess they must make cookies, hence the sign, and apparently they’re very famous… Yes, they must be more expensive, because they’re Nieman Marcus…. And yes, they’re good, but no, they are not MUCH better than normal cookies.

Which brings me to my next point: WHO BUYS COOKIES FROM NIEMAN MARCUS?!?!?!?

Then I realized that she made these cookies… So I started searching online about these cookies and why they are named the way they’re named.

Perhaps this is part of being a Third Culture Kid… but somehow, I missed the whole urban legend (via email) about Nieman Marcus charging some lady $250 in Dallas when she asked for the recipe. It’s quite a funny development, because now, NM chefs make chocolate chip cookies, and they give out their recipes for FREE!

Anyhow, I guess I learned something new (though delayed) today!

One of the links that explained simply, there are many more out there!


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