Ahhhh~~~ Disaster!!

Okay, so after the wonderful champagne and cheese party of invitation-assembling… We realized that we only had 135 complete invitations… even though I had ordered 175! Where are the other 40!?

Missing one or two is annoying, but forgiveable…. but 40!??!?! that’s almost 25% of the 175 total! What is going on?!

First, mygatsby.com forgets to include my silver folio pockets, which I paid extra for… because they were silver… Then I have a nasty shock that all the stuff isn’t even enough to make the 175 bought! I’m not just missing certain parts, I’m missing 40 folio pockets, 40 main invite layer, 40 seals main layer, 25 direction/info cards, 40 RSVP cards, 15 gun metal invites backing layer… I haven’t even counted the envelopes yet!!

The ONLY thing that came in the correct 175 number… was the backing layer of the seal…. really?!?!? the smallest thing… was the thing that came in correctly. Everything else, everything expensive… somehow, is missing?!


Trying hard NOT to blow up right now!

Anxious? not really. More like pissed off! What in the world? Are you playing your customers as a fool? expecting that they’ll think that 135 = 175? Or they’ll just shrug it off? Or.. they won’t count, but wonder why they don’t have enough when they start addressing them? Pissed off that I have to wait until California time before I can call their office and ask them to check why I ordered and fully paid for 175 copies, when only 135 left their factory/store?

And more frustrating…. now the assembly party is over… unless I hold another part (not very likely), I will have to put these all together MYSELF…. when it could’ve been all done and ready to go before…

I’m going to go eat some popcorn…


One thought on “Ahhhh~~~ Disaster!!

  1. I’ve worked in customer service before (and for a very similar company, too).. My advice is, speak calmly but definitely express your frustration (it’s not customer service’s fault, so don’t take it out on them… and it’s probably not that case that they’re trying to rip you off.. printers make mistakes all the time). Any legitimate company who wants your business would comp you with no hesitation, so if they don’t mention it first, say that you deserve not only the rest of the missing invitations (with free express/overnight shipping), but that you should get a refund on your entire order (or at least a store credit).

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