Invitation Assembling Party

My invites came in!

I’m gathering a few girl friends, and we’ll be having champagne and cheese and snacks while assembling these invites! 🙂

I’m so very excited! the party will be this Wednesday! I bought a couple nice cheese from DiBruno Brothers (so expensive!)…
(I accidentally chose a cheese that priced at $50.99/lb… arg! The cheese guy gave me some samples of this cheese that would “go great with champagne” and then cut me a block and just wrapped it up for me, and I didn’t know what the price was, till the wrapped up block of cheese was in my hand… )

Anyhow, I also got some fruits, and there will be crackers and snacks!

I just got some embossing gear from one of my girl friends, she handmade her invites 5 years ago for her own wedding (crazy). I think it took a few months, and working endlessly with her mother every night! Crazy!

I’ve also been going to next door neighbor Paper Source frequently, testing out different ink pads and embossing powders, to decide what to use on the RSVP cards! (that’s the only place that we will need to stamp and emboss! whew!)
I made a lot of new friends at Paper Source in the past few months! It’s a great place to hang out and to learn about stationary and such. The people there have SO MUCH knowledge! And it’s impressive of their credentials! Many of them have master degrees and such in art or book binding or printing or stationary design, etc. It seems like a happy place to work at and all the people seem to love these artsy stationary things!

I’m more excited about the champagne party… but I’m defnitely also really excited about finished invitations!

I ordered them from, they were amazingly gorgeous! And anytime I had questions, when I called customer service, I always got an informative answer and very helpful tips!

(I didn’t get enough stickies, you know, those double sided sticky things, so I called to ask if it was just forgotten. They didn’t, they usually don’t give that many stickies, but since I called, they just sent me some more! So nice and thoughtful!)


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