Did you know that men CANNOT try on their tuxedos at Men’s Wearhouse?

Apparently, men usually just go in, get measured, and then just choose the colors, and put a deposit down. That is SO different from the women’s side of things. We try things, over and over again, as many dresses and times as we need to, and only ONLY when we finally feel that everything is right, do we sign and put a deposit down.

My lovely fiancé went to Men’s Wearhouse to order his tuxedos (his and his groomsmen). He asked to try some different suits on. The woman working there looks at him in disbelief, and giving him a horrible attitude about how this is so strange, and most men aren’t that picky … etc etc. Brian, bring ever so confident, just shrugged and replied, “Well, I guess I’m different, but I would really like to try on different styles and vest colors and combinations of bowties, ties, cummerbunds, vests… etc etc.”

Then another, nicer, lady came to help him with the fitting. He took a few pictures and sent them to me, and then later explained to me how difficult it was to even try on items. The store DID NOT have all sizes available. He was just super lucky that they had one jacket in the store, and it actually was his size… But the store did not have cummerbunds or bow ties to try on. Which is very shocking, since if you’re a store that rents these items, how would you not have some samples in the store?

Poor Fiancé, I didn’t realize getting the men’s attire was such a hassle and so difficult! And the salesperson, instead of like at bridal shops where they welcome women to try on with open arms, shows expressions of disdain and incredulous when a man would like to try on tux items so he can look good for his wedding!

The wedding is NOT just for the girl, it’s for both of us! And I’m really happy that my fiancé is putting equal amounts of effort in helping to plan. We’ve split up various tasks (Like he does all photographer, videographer, DJ, music, etc… while I do my dress and venue and stationary and  flowers!), and I’m happy I do not have to go to Men’s Wearhouse and order his tux for him, he orders his own. (Apparently, I have some friends that had to do that for her husband and all his groomsmen~!! I’m was shocked, “You already have enough things to worry about, and now you have to deal with their clothes?!!?”)

Anyhow, I’m upset that Men’s Wearhouse (supposedly same company as David’s Bridal) give men a secondary type of treatment, when the men should also have stores congratulating them and excited for their big day, but instead, they look for a fast and easy way to get rid of the men, “Just give us your measurements and your money, and then off you go!”

Oh, and it gets better, even though they take your measurements, the tux still comes a size too big. My fiancé was in a few weddings prior, and everytime, though they measured him, the tux would come back too big. And they would make it very difficult to change sizes, etc. So then, why won’t you just have a few jackets for people to try on? So you don’t keep messing up their sizes?!



One thought on “Tuxedos?

  1. Congrats on your wedding. 🙂

    Sorry your future husband had to go through all this. Wow..I didn’t know you couldn’t try on your tux at Men’s Wearhouse.

    My husband and I had a third culture kid wedding. We got the clothes from the Philippines. I am originally from the Philippines and he wore the traditional “shirt” called a barong. Had the wedding favors made in Africa. The rest of it we got in the US. It was stressful and lots of fun too.

    Anyway, good luck on all the wedding planning and God bless. 🙂

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