Marriage is like Tennis!

This weekend, my fiance and I went back to Pittsburgh to visit some of my college friends, college advisors and past professors.

We stayed with my church college advisors for the weekend. They are a couple in their 40s with 3 teenage daughters. They were my mentors and teachers throughout college, and continue to pray for me after I moved away after college.

The couple challenged us to a game of friendly tennis. The husband, being very good at tennis, gave my fiance and I both a quick tennis lesson (free!!) before we started playing.

When the game started, I started moving closer and closer to the mid-line… The husband laughingly shouts over, “Hey! Move back on your side! Tennis is like marriage! You gotta let him hit his side! Stop hogging the court!”

I didn’t realize that I had started to move toward the mid-line. Me, being not too awesome in tennis-doubles, only focuses my eyes on the ball, and forget where I’m standing…

I realize how interesting and accurate this comment is! Both Brian and I are very capable people, living our single lives happily and successfully. Suddenly, we are starting a life together. Same about of chores, but two people, should be great, right? Except we start needing to compromise and letting the other person do their routine/chore/job peacefully, instead of periodically interjecting our comment and suggestion. Or better yet, “Here, just let me do it.”

Just like how we share a court in tennis, and I need to respect my tennis partner’s side of the court… and the balls that come in his direction and are his to hit… In marriage, I need to respect my husband’s role, and his responsibilities, I need to refrain from trying to make decisions for him, to try to take over his role and responsibilities.

But… in tennis… I still have the tendency to cross the midline and try to take over his side of the hits!! hahhaha~ I guess that’s why both doubles tennis and marriage take time and practice…


Nieman Marcus Cookies

This morning, I went into the office coffee area to make myself some milktea, yes, if you think it’s weird, think Taiwan… And yes, it’s hot. Once again, if this is weird, think Taiwan restaurants, at the end of the meal, when they ask you, “Hot/cold coffee, Hot/cold Tea or Milk Tea, or Orange Juice?” for your dessert drink option.

Anyhow, so I was making my hot milk-tea when I noticed a sign and a box of cookies… “Nieman Marcus Cookies. ENJOY”

So my first thought was, “wow, I didn’t realize Nieman Marcus was in the business of making cookies.” Then I thought, “are these cookies more expensive because  they’re from Nieman Marcus?” And finally my last thought, “Are they any better?? than normal cookies??”

My answers: Yes, I guess they must make cookies, hence the sign, and apparently they’re very famous… Yes, they must be more expensive, because they’re Nieman Marcus…. And yes, they’re good, but no, they are not MUCH better than normal cookies.

Which brings me to my next point: WHO BUYS COOKIES FROM NIEMAN MARCUS?!?!?!?

Then I realized that she made these cookies… So I started searching online about these cookies and why they are named the way they’re named.

Perhaps this is part of being a Third Culture Kid… but somehow, I missed the whole urban legend (via email) about Nieman Marcus charging some lady $250 in Dallas when she asked for the recipe. It’s quite a funny development, because now, NM chefs make chocolate chip cookies, and they give out their recipes for FREE!

Anyhow, I guess I learned something new (though delayed) today!

One of the links that explained simply, there are many more out there!

Ahhhh~~~ Disaster!!

Okay, so after the wonderful champagne and cheese party of invitation-assembling… We realized that we only had 135 complete invitations… even though I had ordered 175! Where are the other 40!?

Missing one or two is annoying, but forgiveable…. but 40!??!?! that’s almost 25% of the 175 total! What is going on?!

First, forgets to include my silver folio pockets, which I paid extra for… because they were silver… Then I have a nasty shock that all the stuff isn’t even enough to make the 175 bought! I’m not just missing certain parts, I’m missing 40 folio pockets, 40 main invite layer, 40 seals main layer, 25 direction/info cards, 40 RSVP cards, 15 gun metal invites backing layer… I haven’t even counted the envelopes yet!!

The ONLY thing that came in the correct 175 number… was the backing layer of the seal…. really?!?!? the smallest thing… was the thing that came in correctly. Everything else, everything expensive… somehow, is missing?!


Trying hard NOT to blow up right now!

Anxious? not really. More like pissed off! What in the world? Are you playing your customers as a fool? expecting that they’ll think that 135 = 175? Or they’ll just shrug it off? Or.. they won’t count, but wonder why they don’t have enough when they start addressing them? Pissed off that I have to wait until California time before I can call their office and ask them to check why I ordered and fully paid for 175 copies, when only 135 left their factory/store?

And more frustrating…. now the assembly party is over… unless I hold another part (not very likely), I will have to put these all together MYSELF…. when it could’ve been all done and ready to go before…

I’m going to go eat some popcorn…

Invitation Assembling Party

My invites came in!

I’m gathering a few girl friends, and we’ll be having champagne and cheese and snacks while assembling these invites! 🙂

I’m so very excited! the party will be this Wednesday! I bought a couple nice cheese from DiBruno Brothers (so expensive!)…
(I accidentally chose a cheese that priced at $50.99/lb… arg! The cheese guy gave me some samples of this cheese that would “go great with champagne” and then cut me a block and just wrapped it up for me, and I didn’t know what the price was, till the wrapped up block of cheese was in my hand… )

Anyhow, I also got some fruits, and there will be crackers and snacks!

I just got some embossing gear from one of my girl friends, she handmade her invites 5 years ago for her own wedding (crazy). I think it took a few months, and working endlessly with her mother every night! Crazy!

I’ve also been going to next door neighbor Paper Source frequently, testing out different ink pads and embossing powders, to decide what to use on the RSVP cards! (that’s the only place that we will need to stamp and emboss! whew!)
I made a lot of new friends at Paper Source in the past few months! It’s a great place to hang out and to learn about stationary and such. The people there have SO MUCH knowledge! And it’s impressive of their credentials! Many of them have master degrees and such in art or book binding or printing or stationary design, etc. It seems like a happy place to work at and all the people seem to love these artsy stationary things!

I’m more excited about the champagne party… but I’m defnitely also really excited about finished invitations!

I ordered them from, they were amazingly gorgeous! And anytime I had questions, when I called customer service, I always got an informative answer and very helpful tips!

(I didn’t get enough stickies, you know, those double sided sticky things, so I called to ask if it was just forgotten. They didn’t, they usually don’t give that many stickies, but since I called, they just sent me some more! So nice and thoughtful!)


Did you know that men CANNOT try on their tuxedos at Men’s Wearhouse?

Apparently, men usually just go in, get measured, and then just choose the colors, and put a deposit down. That is SO different from the women’s side of things. We try things, over and over again, as many dresses and times as we need to, and only ONLY when we finally feel that everything is right, do we sign and put a deposit down.

My lovely fiancé went to Men’s Wearhouse to order his tuxedos (his and his groomsmen). He asked to try some different suits on. The woman working there looks at him in disbelief, and giving him a horrible attitude about how this is so strange, and most men aren’t that picky … etc etc. Brian, bring ever so confident, just shrugged and replied, “Well, I guess I’m different, but I would really like to try on different styles and vest colors and combinations of bowties, ties, cummerbunds, vests… etc etc.”

Then another, nicer, lady came to help him with the fitting. He took a few pictures and sent them to me, and then later explained to me how difficult it was to even try on items. The store DID NOT have all sizes available. He was just super lucky that they had one jacket in the store, and it actually was his size… But the store did not have cummerbunds or bow ties to try on. Which is very shocking, since if you’re a store that rents these items, how would you not have some samples in the store?

Poor Fiancé, I didn’t realize getting the men’s attire was such a hassle and so difficult! And the salesperson, instead of like at bridal shops where they welcome women to try on with open arms, shows expressions of disdain and incredulous when a man would like to try on tux items so he can look good for his wedding!

The wedding is NOT just for the girl, it’s for both of us! And I’m really happy that my fiancé is putting equal amounts of effort in helping to plan. We’ve split up various tasks (Like he does all photographer, videographer, DJ, music, etc… while I do my dress and venue and stationary and  flowers!), and I’m happy I do not have to go to Men’s Wearhouse and order his tux for him, he orders his own. (Apparently, I have some friends that had to do that for her husband and all his groomsmen~!! I’m was shocked, “You already have enough things to worry about, and now you have to deal with their clothes?!!?”)

Anyhow, I’m upset that Men’s Wearhouse (supposedly same company as David’s Bridal) give men a secondary type of treatment, when the men should also have stores congratulating them and excited for their big day, but instead, they look for a fast and easy way to get rid of the men, “Just give us your measurements and your money, and then off you go!”

Oh, and it gets better, even though they take your measurements, the tux still comes a size too big. My fiancé was in a few weddings prior, and everytime, though they measured him, the tux would come back too big. And they would make it very difficult to change sizes, etc. So then, why won’t you just have a few jackets for people to try on? So you don’t keep messing up their sizes?!