It’s not just the TYPE of flowers

How do you spell boutonniere?  I KNOW! Cuz I’ve misspelled + mispronounced it a million times lately.

After the meeting with the florist… then came the big punch in the face.

It’s not just about which type of flower you like, what colors? what combinations? what about corsages? what about boutonnieres!@#$%? what about bouquets?

Me: “Wait, what?! What’s the difference between a corsage and a boutonniere?? Aren’t they all flowers that are somehow all stuck onto a human being?
Oh, no? Ohh, corsages can go on the wrist, or like brooch… wait, that sounds exactly like a boutonniere where you pin it on. How much are you charging? wait, what?!? How MUCH!? it’s the same thingggggggggg!”

Yes … that’s pretty much how the 2 hour long flower appointment went. After I slashed out all lavender and purple flowers (no blue or green either), I was then bombarded with questions about the different… styles(?!) of flowers. (I don’t even know the name of this…)

Ok, so the moms get the corsages, I guess it’s a girly thing.
And the fathers get a boutonniere.

“Wait, there’s different types of boutonnieres?! Why does this have to be so complicated? Can’t everyone just look the same!? It’s all going in the trash anyway! I knew I should’ve gone with fake flowers…”

I know that Brian’s dad is going to want a super special one… to be distinguished and different.

Greeeeat… if they were all the same, then there’s no comparison or drama… but now, difference in color = it must mean something profound; difference in flower type = must mean something else profound…. >.<

Oh.. the flower industry is so complicated… (no wonder they cash out like crazy at weddings and banquets and random events).


Here is the difference between Corsages and Boutonnieres… Can you tell the difference???? I can’t…



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