Wedding Invitations

Who thought that the wording of the invitations could take forever?!

The future-in-laws insist on “inspecting” our work before we get it printed. I can understand us using an extra set of eyes for grammar and spelling mistakes, but to ask for their approval?

I know what you’re thinking, and no, they’re not paying for the wedding.

My fiance, being the sweet and thoughtful (careful) man that he is, emailed the draft of the entire invitation (I have a three fold pocket folio, with a seal, and 3 insert cards, etc etc) to my parents and his parents. Almost immediately, my father emails a response (reply all), saying “We have no comments, this invite looks great! Can’t wait to see it!”

Meanwhile, I receive no reply/response from his parents, until Brian forwards an email from his father. His father doesn’t openly email everyone back, instead, emails just Brian and his mom and has a list of comments… I wonder why he didn’t want to reply all? and CC both my parents and me? Hmm… maybe feeling sheepish that he has so many comments… about someone else’s wedding… invite?!
Such a simple thing, how can there be some much comments about such a thing?

Both Brian’s parents are Drs. So we looked up a ton of websites and advisory links about how to word it, in the end, we settled with Dr and Dr (Father’s Name). They had issues with that: “Shouldn’t it be ‘Drs’?!! Dr and Dr doesn’t even make any sense! Has she seen an invite? I have an wedding invite, I can send it to her if she’s never seen one…”

Thankfully, Brian answered his parents, defending that I’ve spent many countless days vegging away at the Paper Source next door and also looking over15+ various wedding invites from the weddings I’ve been invited to (yup! I saved them all! I saved them because I felt it was kinda taboo for me to throw out and trash someone’s wedding invite…. So I put them away with my Christmas cards, etc. Who’d of thought that it’d come in so handy!)

Anyhow, after over a week, we finally make minor adjustments, per his parent’s requests, and redid the invitation about 5 more times… and finally sent it out and…



My girlfriends have all voted to have a champagne invitation assembling party… so I ordered them un-assembled… I’m looking forward to this party!


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