It’s not just the TYPE of flowers

How do you spell boutonniere?  I KNOW! Cuz I’ve misspelled + mispronounced it a million times lately.

After the meeting with the florist… then came the big punch in the face.

It’s not just about which type of flower you like, what colors? what combinations? what about corsages? what about boutonnieres!@#$%? what about bouquets?

Me: “Wait, what?! What’s the difference between a corsage and a boutonniere?? Aren’t they all flowers that are somehow all stuck onto a human being?
Oh, no? Ohh, corsages can go on the wrist, or like brooch… wait, that sounds exactly like a boutonniere where you pin it on. How much are you charging? wait, what?!? How MUCH!? it’s the same thingggggggggg!”

Yes … that’s pretty much how the 2 hour long flower appointment went. After I slashed out all lavender and purple flowers (no blue or green either), I was then bombarded with questions about the different… styles(?!) of flowers. (I don’t even know the name of this…)

Ok, so the moms get the corsages, I guess it’s a girly thing.
And the fathers get a boutonniere.

“Wait, there’s different types of boutonnieres?! Why does this have to be so complicated? Can’t everyone just look the same!? It’s all going in the trash anyway! I knew I should’ve gone with fake flowers…”

I know that Brian’s dad is going to want a super special one… to be distinguished and different.

Greeeeat… if they were all the same, then there’s no comparison or drama… but now, difference in color = it must mean something profound; difference in flower type = must mean something else profound…. >.<

Oh.. the flower industry is so complicated… (no wonder they cash out like crazy at weddings and banquets and random events).


Here is the difference between Corsages and Boutonnieres… Can you tell the difference???? I can’t…



Wedding Invitations

Who thought that the wording of the invitations could take forever?!

The future-in-laws insist on “inspecting” our work before we get it printed. I can understand us using an extra set of eyes for grammar and spelling mistakes, but to ask for their approval?

I know what you’re thinking, and no, they’re not paying for the wedding.

My fiance, being the sweet and thoughtful (careful) man that he is, emailed the draft of the entire invitation (I have a three fold pocket folio, with a seal, and 3 insert cards, etc etc) to my parents and his parents. Almost immediately, my father emails a response (reply all), saying “We have no comments, this invite looks great! Can’t wait to see it!”

Meanwhile, I receive no reply/response from his parents, until Brian forwards an email from his father. His father doesn’t openly email everyone back, instead, emails just Brian and his mom and has a list of comments… I wonder why he didn’t want to reply all? and CC both my parents and me? Hmm… maybe feeling sheepish that he has so many comments… about someone else’s wedding… invite?!
Such a simple thing, how can there be some much comments about such a thing?

Both Brian’s parents are Drs. So we looked up a ton of websites and advisory links about how to word it, in the end, we settled with Dr and Dr (Father’s Name). They had issues with that: “Shouldn’t it be ‘Drs’?!! Dr and Dr doesn’t even make any sense! Has she seen an invite? I have an wedding invite, I can send it to her if she’s never seen one…”

Thankfully, Brian answered his parents, defending that I’ve spent many countless days vegging away at the Paper Source next door and also looking over15+ various wedding invites from the weddings I’ve been invited to (yup! I saved them all! I saved them because I felt it was kinda taboo for me to throw out and trash someone’s wedding invite…. So I put them away with my Christmas cards, etc. Who’d of thought that it’d come in so handy!)

Anyhow, after over a week, we finally make minor adjustments, per his parent’s requests, and redid the invitation about 5 more times… and finally sent it out and…



My girlfriends have all voted to have a champagne invitation assembling party… so I ordered them un-assembled… I’m looking forward to this party!

“What are your favorite flowers?”

Umm… I don’t know the names of flowers, but I usually like the ones… that are pretty?

So that question was asked to me about 2 months ago by my bridesmaids. I had NO IDEA. The only flowers I knew by name (and could quickly recite) were ones like roses, daises, umm… and… err…. well … hmm… let me think.

Yes, so that’s how our flower conversation started.

My awesome stellar bridesmaids put together a “Flower Ideas” googledoc, where they chose 10-15 different types of flowers, and collected photos of these flowers. Then I was given the document and asked to rank them. The first tier being the top 3 that I liked best. After doing some “flower-lessons,” I learned these things:

1. I love peonies! (and I figured out how to pronounce them…)
2. Sweet pea is a flower, not just a scent you can buy at Bath & Body Works, and no, it’s not a pea that tastes sweet.
3. I do NOT like lilies.
3b. There are 50+ types of lilies. Maybe those Calla ones aren’t too bad.
4. I do not like multi-colored flowers (I already forgot the names of them…)
5. Plant-ology (herbology??) and Flower-Studies is some SERIOUS business!! Do not make fun of it. People will kill you.
6. Just like how you can cross breed mice for transgenetic phenotypes, you can cross-breed flowers.
7. Flowers are expensive.
8. I will have a tougher time figuring out this flower business than the last time when I had to figure out the dress business.

Anyhow, I learned a ton, which is nice.

Tonight, I have an appointment with a florist. I heard that I should’ve done this much earlier…  But I had no idea how to locate a florist. When I send flowers to my mother, I call a florist in Taiwan and have them sent (after looking at the images of options they have online). If I were to buy flowers for any of my graduating students, I go to a nearby florist on Rittenhouse, point at the flowers that look nice, and ask for them to be wrapped in pretty paper. I had no idea how to even approach the topic of bouquets and wedding flowers.
(Yes, I went to and looked to see if I could just order all my wedding flowers online… it seemed quite a viable option!! That is, until my friends and fiance vetoed that idea…)

So, two of my girlfriends from church are taking me to the florist they used for their wedding, should be good.

Now… time to learn what the pricing will be.

I’m rolling up my sleeves to get ready for some negotiating! That’s always my favorite part! 🙂 The negotiation! 🙂 I live for that!