Email bullies!

Have you ever been bullied over email?

Ok, that may seem like a confusing question. Let me explain the scenario.

You get an email response that is rude and mean, but when you talk to them, they seem so nice. Or someone tells you they’re really nice in person.

I think people allow themselves to be nasty and mean to other people because they get to hide behind their computer screens, and feel like they can be anything and say anything to other people. Not cool 😦

Shouldn’t your emails accurately reflect what you are? If you are a person who would never say such mean things to a person in their face… why would you do so in an email?

And here’s another interesting fact, we (the bullied person) often don’t know how to respond. We just curtail our responses to very professional, but almost distant. But… why can’t we call them out? Especially if it’s an email chain, with many other people CC’ed. Also, if one of their superiors are also CC’ed on it.

I called this lady out, I just asked her (in a Reply All email) “Is there a reason you’re upset with me? Was there something I did? I’d like to understand so I can apologize to you or make any necessary amends.”

She then quickly emails back that she has no idea what I meant, and suddenly her whole tone changes. Surprising, huh?

Email bullies are NOT cool. Just because you’re emailing people does not mean you can say WHATEVER you want. If you would never say that to their face, then don’t type it in an email!


2 thoughts on “Email bullies!

  1. totally agree. I get so confused when I get a random mean or rude email. What I don’t understand even more is when someone responds rudely with a bunch of other people CC’d on the email. Do you really want everyone to see how rude you are being? (It happened to me and someone else responded rudely back to him, haha)

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