How do you find a wedding dress?

I think I am up to 60 dresses now…

And I have come up with…. zero.

There was an okay one at Alfred Angelo, can’t remember the designer. There were two okay ones at Van Cleve, Pronovias was the designer for both. There was one okay one at David’s Bridal, can’t even remember by who.

David’s Bridal made me cry during our appointment. It’s crazy. It was like a zoo. The consultants were nice, but very pushy and demanding. My bridesmaids had to fight some of them off.

Van Cleve is ridiculously amazing. They only book one appointment per time slot, so the whole boutique is yours to skip around in. They have wonderful service and a very knowledgeable assistant.

Alfred Angelo was really nice. It was quiet, but our consultant was new, and wasn’t very knowledgeable, and kept pulling out dresses that I didn’t like. Finally, my bridesmaids each went to pull 2-3 dresses. And that’s how I found the “okay” one.

But after… Still weren’t too happy about anything.

I did my homework, as people instructed. I looked in bridal magazines and tried to learn about bridal dresses and what I liked.
(No, I’m not that girl that knows what type of dress she wants since she was 10 years old.)
I have started a binder, also instructed by many of my friends who already planned their wedding and is also an organizer freak like me.

But every time I go to the store, and start trying on dresses, I learn a whole lot more that magazines and billions of pictures could NOT convey. Not even close.

I realized that though I love the trumpet look, there are many levels of trumpet. I realized that I love the poof. I wanted a dress that had a dramatic and big poof on the bottom. I learned that I like beading and lace. I learned that though I love satin, most satin won’t have both beading and lace.

Thank goodness I’m not in the bridal dress business. Just typing those words and details made my head and stomach start hurting. Is this what they call a panic attack? Anxiety?

Alright, thank goodness I’m on the East Coast, land of everything. My bridesmaids are from all over the East Coast, DC, Boston, NYC, Philly, etc. So they have made an extensive list of all the bridal dress shops in the cities: Philadelphia, NYC, DC, Boston. We will conquer each city, one by one. I’m sure that in these cities (all which are part of the Top 10 biggest cities in the US)  I will find ONE dress.

It just has to be there somewhere. I’ll definitely find one…. Right?


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