And the wedding planning begins…

After we call and notify all our loved ones, after we celebrate with our friends, maybe… 3 days later? No, probably 1 day later, people start bombarding us with questions. For the most part, me. Since I’m the girl… with the ring.

“OMG! Congrats! That’s awesome! So… when’s the date? where’s the wedding? have you found your bridal party yet? Are your parents coming? Are you doing one in Taiwan? ASDF;LKJASDFLKJA…….”

Everything becomes so jumbled together… before I even really had a chance to celebrate, I had to somehow come up with answers to these bullet questions.

“Umm…” I stutter, “Erm, well… I like fall weddings? But I’m not sure if we can do fall 2011, um, and location, I guess Philadelphia? I think that’s what we said… briefly… umm, bridal party? umm my parents, of course they’re coming. Taiwan? Um, yes? I think?! I don’t know!?!?! ”

It’s overwhelming, and any joy and excitement I had about the engagement was completely washed away by overwhelming questions. I thought people would just share the joy of the ring and the engagement, but no sooner have they let go of my hand with the ring, they look me straight in the eye, ready with 100+ questions.

Colors? Venue style? Dress? Flowers?!

And… everyone suddenly has an opinion and comment about everything … and nothing.

Excitement? no. More like guilt, embarrassment, anxiety, feeling unprepared and stupid.


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