Online dating… for a friend

One of my good friends lately made a pact with her other friend that they would make profiles for each other and then run each other’s profiles… as the other person.


Jenna and Beth are best friends. Jenna will create an online dating profile for Beth, and Beth will make one for Jenna. Then Jenna will pretend to be Beth and screen the guys online and choose 1 for Beth. Beth will do the same for Jenna. Jenna will show Beth that she knows Beth more than Beth knows herself when it comes to dating, and vice versa. They also thought that this may help with their dating blind spots.

Do you agree?

1. Beth likes guys who are above 6 ft. tall and blond. Jenna has seen Beth date enough cute jerks, that she’s determined to find a guy that is nice looking enough, but most importantly doesn’t treat Beth poorly.

2. Jenna is never really sure what she likes, but Beth is certain that she understands Jenna and can help her find a guy that she can connect with.

So they both start on their mission. They both find a guy online for each other.

Beth shoots down each of Jenna’s choices, saying that they’re not cute enough. Jenna is perplexed… because Jenna first reads the profiles as the main filter. Beth first looks through the pictures as the first criteria for filtering. So already, they are noticing that they don’t have the same criteria for first impressions and first layer of filtering.

1. Beth sets up a date for Jenna. Jenna ends up really connecting with the guy, the guy is quite attractive, (to this Beth answers, “of course!” because the first thing she checks is the photo galleries).

2. Jenna sets up a date for Beth, Beth does NOT have a good time. In fact, she has a horrible time. And why? “The guy just wasn’t attractive enough.”

Oh… and there’s more.

1. When Jenna ‘fessed up to the guy on the first date that the profile and initial chats/emails the guy had, were actually with Beth, the guy laughed it off and thought is was quite hilarious.

2. When Beth told her date about the situation, the guy got really angry and suspicious, “How do I know who you really are then? How do I know what you are now?”


Why in the world would you pose as your friend? Create their profile, maybe. But then conduct initial online contacts with people posing as another person!?
If you want to try online dating, then do it. Don’t be ashamed of trying out online dating and then giving yourself an excuse by saying a friend is doing it for you. Be signed up by a friend is one thing, but then allowing a friend to pose as you throughout is completely another thing. Isn’t there a law against something like this? For example… false documentation or, hmm.. identity theft?
Online dating: There’s nothing wrong with it. But don’t conduct it as a form of a “social experiment” and then screw with other people who are actually themselves.¬†Especially if you’re going to be so picky about the person’s photos (which could be photoshopped and filtered to show only the best angles, etc…)

Many people have tried out the online dating thing. There’s nothing wrong with doing a trial run for a few weeks/months. But you gotta do it yourself, ladies.


One thought on “Online dating… for a friend

  1. I couldn’t agree more…set up a friend’s profile yeah fairdos, but actually contacting those dates for them? Not cool.

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