When girls feel ugly, they’re easy to impress

Apparently, this trick is used often against us women!

Maybe you’ve been in it before, or seen a friend in this situation. You, or her, may be the cutest thing tonight, but somehow, something or someone has made you feel unattractive and undesirable. The next thing you know, you’re talking to a person that you would’ve not talked to in the first place. Or you’re awkwardly laughing at their jokes, but really, they aren’t funny at all. What is going on?

So in a common men’s handbook, written to teach men how to chase women, it describes a strategy.

The woman of interest is named Target. But Target is the type of woman that is completely out of reach, and because she is so used to getting attention, she will and can easily blow you (the guy) off. Now the Target is usually with friends (that are female), they will be call Friends.

The guy’s next move is to go and talk to the Friends, and try to ignore her, Target. He will once in awhile throw her a bone (so not to lose her attention completely), but basically enjoying in conversation with the friends. This strategy will make her feel ugly and unattractive, and she will also crave the guy’s attention.

Then toward the end of the night, the guy will ask Target for her number, and she will happily give it. Because now, she will think that she won something, and that she feels privileged that the guy asked her, instead of Friends, for a number.

Tables have turned. If the guy hadn’t used the strategy, she will most likely not give the guy her number, and think that it is ridiculous that he even tried. But now, it’s like she can’t wait to give him her number.

Hmm… This strategy was told to me by a guy friend.

Ladies!! Don’t fall into this trap!!! It’s just a mind game to play on our insecurities! if this is happening to you, walk away. Go find other people to talk to. Leave. But don’t let them capitalize on this! Also, no one can make you feel unattractive. Only you can.

This strategy would only work when the guy has fully convinced the girl (Target) that she is not wanted, which is a lie. Don’t fall into this.



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