One of our best dates ever

When you think of a best date, what comes to mind? Beautiful flowers? Expensive wine and cheese? Gorgeous outfit? Wonderful string quartet in the background?

My most recent visit to my Michigan boyfriend was to stay in the house for the whole weekend to study. He was studying for his annual general surgery residency exam. And I had some work to do myself. I figured it would be helpful and supportive if I flew over to Michigan to help keep him motivated and focused to study.

So over the course of 3 days, we set up camp at his large dining table. Each of us occupied one end of the table with all of our work materials sprawled out. There were some moments when I started dozing and had to give myself a time-out (read: nap on the nearby couch…), and there were moments when I caught him playing a game on his beloved iPhone4. But for the most part, we helped each other be more productive than ever, keeping each other accountable to our work/study schedule.

We still went out to dinner on some nights and ordered in/cooked on other nights. It was a quiet and peaceful weekend, but it wasn’t any less precious than the dates that had flash and pomp.

I liked our weekend of mutual support and accountability. Sometimes a peaceful stay-at-home weekend is just what we need from the crazy fast-paced life we so often get lost in.

(oh, and you save a lot of money, too!)


One thought on “One of our best dates ever

  1. This sounds so cute, I don’t have a boyfriend, but me and my roomate are pretty close, and sometimes we just sit around in silence doing separate things together. There is something about it that is so nice, even though we aren’t doing much.

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