Good guys don’t finish last, they win the final race

My guy friends always lament about this phrase: Good guys finish last.

But that is so NOT true!

You may seem to lose the battle for a moment, but in the end, you win the entire war, if that’s what you want to call it.

1. Amanda gets hit on by two guys. Adam is a nice quiet guy. He starts to talk to Amanda. Brett is eying Amanda from across the room. He swoops in between Adam and Amanda with 3 other friends of his. He dominates the conversation and pushes Adam out of the picture. Adam and Amanda quickly trade numbers, but from the looks of it, Brett has won and Adam has lost.

Later on in the night, Brett continues to talk with Amanda, and Adam is seen leaving with his friends.

A week later, Amanda has a date set up with Adam, and Brett? She is blocking Brett’s calls and texts. Why is that?

Guys sometimes think that they’ve lost completely when they see the initial scenario of the Amanda, Adam, Brett chaos. Brett acted like a jerk, Amanda took note of it. She was courteous to both men, but women are NOT stupid. We can often recognize actions and behaviors that scream “JERK”. Sometimes, in moments of stupidity and unfounded hope, we think his jerk-symptoms might go away. But more than often, we know that he will continue to be a jerk, and most women will not want to put up with that type of crap. We realize our value and understand that we also have 50% of the stock shares. So if you’re being a jerk, then we’re pulling out our investment shares. Off to another fund.

2. Bart and Dave are friends. They are at a party together. Both have a small crush on their friend Sandy. Bart starts making jokes about Dave and using him as a punch line. Dave can only smile weakly but he’s burning with anger at his “friend” Bart. Sandy is politely smiling and nodding, but inside she’s thinking “Wow, what a mean guy. Some of his jokes are kinda tasteless. And at the expense of his friend?”

What guys forget sometimes is that women ARE sensitive creatures, so when you do things like bash on your friends or bash on things/topics/people, women are more than likely to be a bit offended. (Disclaimer: if you are the type that are not offended, great, good for you. I’m just stating an average of women that I observe.) So if a guy seems like he’s getting all the attention, being the loud and boisterous one, putting down the other guys. Don’t worry too much, she’s probably wincing every time he makes a crude remark and a stupid punchline.

3. Jeff and Jean went on a date. Jean started dating George. Jeff and George are coworkers and share many mutual friends.

Jean started spreading horrid things of Jeff. Also saying that she felt so bad for poor Jeff, now that she’s with George, it must break his poor little heart.

Jeff had no idea that all their friends had heard things from Jean. Jeff is a good guy and has many friends. One of them confronted and told him what was going on and tried to verify if all these rumors were true. They weren’t. It came out that Jean had spread mean rumors of Jeff because she wanted a relationship with Jeff, but Jeff told her after the first date that he wasn’t interested. Truth comes out.

Jean is now just seen as a joke and also someone who has ill-intent. And for Jeff, well, his reputation and friends are unharmed.

Even when the girl is the one who is beating on the guy… Good guys still WIN THE FINAL RACE.


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