Psalms 119:50

v50: My comfort in my suffering is this:
Your promise preserves my life.

I read that verse and like, oh wow. How beautiful! At the same time, I can feel the determination and the utter confidence in the author’s voice when he declares this. He truly is thinking: my sole comfort is God’s promises. And the idea that it “preserves” my life. It rescues, yes. It saves, sure. But it preserves?

That makes me think of preservatives that are added into food products. It is added so that the food item stays fresh, clean, soft, damp, whatever. But it’s added so that it can maintain the item at the same “—ness” that it was intended to be.
And I realize that God’s promises maintain me and my life, as it was intended to be, as He intended it to be.
Whenever I’m in suffering, where do I turn?
Even if I turn towards “God”, do I turn and ask for His immediate rescue and help? Or do I have this large encompassing peace, because I know I’m constantly preserved by His promises. And that He WILL deliver?


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