Buying new clothes for a first date?

Ok, lets be honest, ladies, how many of you guys have done this before? Oh wait, guys do it, too?!

So I have a friend that was going on a first date, and she suddenly had a new, urgent goal of the week: Buy new outfit for first date.

I asked her if she liked the guy, she said it was a setup, like a blind date with only prior email contacts.

Interesting. So if you’ve never met him, and you might never see him again after the first date, is it still worth it (being financially responsible) to spend lots of money on a first date?

If you were already planning to purchase clothes, then I guess it’s ok, given that you only shop and buy within your original plans. But if you go out of your way to buy a new set of clothing, shoes, bag, etc… I think this is over-investment. Especially if you never wear the clothes again.

So a solution? Pick one of your favorite outfits for the date. Have a friend help you. Look online and find ways to spice up/vary the outfit, use accessories, scarves, different hair and makeup, etc. Also, ask a friend if you can borrow items from them, I’m sure many friends would love to help you out with a special clothing piece on a first date.

After all, bringing around a good luck charm sometimes works, right?


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