Psalm 113
6 who stoops down to look
on the heavens and the earth?

This reminds me of the scenery from Acts 7 when Stephen was being persecuted, and it said that Stephen looked up and saw Christ peering down at him, standing and looking down. Perhaps eagerly, and very much involved and aware of what’s going  to his people and his beloved ones.
I think it’s a very comforting feeling and knowledge when we can trust and believe that God is highly involved in our lives and yearn to be.

Recap from Acts 7, David Guzik Commentary:
c. Jesus standing at the right hand of God: It is significant to note Jesus is standing here, as opposed to the more common description of Him sitting (Matthew 26:64; Colossians 3:1) at the right hand of the Father.
i. Why is Jesus standing here? Jesus stands in solidarity with Stephen at this moment of crisis. He does not impassionately react to the problems of His people.
ii. We might also consider that Jesus is standing to give a “standing ovation” to Stephen, whose fate makes him unique among believers. Stephen is the first of all martyrs among the followers of Jesus.

Perhaps that’s some comfort to us, no matter what situation we’re in right now, that Christ is not cold and aloof to us, but passionately involved and aware and engaged.

another versed that touched me:
9 He settles the childless woman in her home
as a happy mother of children.

It seems to say that God will satisfy all the desires and yearning of our hearts and that even the woman with the sufferings of being unable to have a child can have the joys of a mother because God gives joy and content.
I guess that can go to say God can settle the fleeting hearts of the single people, who yearn to date and be in a relationship. And that He can satisfy them wholly and completely. as though a happy mother/wife/girlfriend, God can settle the heart to that extent.
Dunno if sometimes you still get bogged down about the dating thing, but I thought maybe this verse would encourage you, that there’s a promise and a place which says that our God will settle the childless woman as a happy mother. Thus perhaps for our age group/times, it is that God, right now, will settle the single woman’s heart as a happy wife.
I guess it also means for people who are unemployed or unhappy with their jobs, that God can settle their tumultuous hearts and give them joy and peace.
And the hurting people and broken hearts and families.
That God can settle them. This God who stoops down to look at our world, our earth. This Christ that stands and is intently engaged with our situations.

mmm… very encouraging, and very touching, very amazingly comforting and… makes me stare in awe. a bit shaken.


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