Our third date

So the last two dates, Brian brought flowers. But every time, he would jokingly say, “This is the last time. Don’t expect flowers in the future.” And I always nodded, and shrugged, understanding that though flowers are beautiful and nice, but they can cost a lot and they will eventually die. (I’m not exactly the best botanist around here… and I’m so busy I often forget to change the water/add water… )

So this time, as he was coming from the airport, I was wondering if he was going to have flowers. Since he said he won’t bring flowers, but before had kept bringing them. 8pm rolls around, he shows up at my door, no flowers. 🙂 It’s ok. I make a joke, “I see you finally convinced yourself to stop bringing flowers. I’m glad you kept your promise this time.” He just gives me a smile.

He tells me to keep my Sunday afternoon open, 2pm – 10pm. I’m thinking, what in the world needs 8 hours?!

Saturday, we go mini golfing at Franklin Square. It’s awesome! I actually had a ton of fun! The mini golf was designed to have mini replicates of Philly’s landmarks, from the Art Museum (Rocky steps) to the LOVE statue (Love park, JFK and 15th), to the Chinatown friendship gate and Kelly Drive, Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, etc etc. It was a beautiful weekend, and so all our pictures turned out great.

On Sunday, he drives me to my “surprise” trip. And I find out we’re going to Longwoods Gardens. As we walk into the gardens, he laughs, and says, “So I didn’t bring you a bouquet of flowers, since I was planning to give you a garden of flowers.”

Hahhaha. So corny but really creative and witty. We were got to see the Making Scents exhibit (it’s amazing, highly recommend if you’re interested in the science behind making and developing perfumes/colognes). At 8pm, there were the famous Longwood Garden’s fireworks. It was quite amazing, since they were so close up and it was an impressive 45min showing.

We ended up ending the night with just ordering in pizza (Domino’s new website is awesome!) and chatting and calling it a night. Labor day was the next day, and we just had a calm chill day. We had brunch at 10 Arts at Ritz-Carlton, they have this lunch deal, $22 for 5 different dishes. Awesome steal!

So on our third visiting trip/date thingy, we had a good time exploring Philadelphia! I’ve never been to mini golf or Longwoods Gardens in all the years I’ve been here! So it was a great oppotunity! In addition, Brian got to meet some of the women in my women’s small group. And we got to meet up with an old (60+) Christian couple to chat and to talk about our relationship and to ask for guidance and wisdom.

And! finally! we got to kick off our devotionals! Galatians is our first journey together. 🙂


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