Our second date

So I had been traveling internationally for 3 weeks, and domestically for 1 week. The last time Brian and I saw each other (in person, minus Skype webcam moments), was almost 5 weeks ago. He found tickets for Spirit Airlines for $17 each way to fly from Michigan to Atlantic City, NJ. Then he found a car rental to drive to Philadelphia for just $48.

So with this deal he presented me, he suggested that he could come to Philly for a day trip, because it’s been way too long since we’ve see each other. So I arrive back into Philadelphia on Sunday, and the plan is Tuesday. We’re both very excited.

Once again (oh, how we “love” flight delays), his flight is delayed in Michigan. I’m at work, so I just continue working until he lets me knows that he’s in Atlantic City and driving over to Philadelphia. He texts me around 10:30am to let me know that he got the rental car and that he’s driving now. So I estimate that he’ll arrive around 11:30am. I have given directions to my building, but it’s a complex, so I’m worried that he’ll get lost with so many buildings and turns, etc. So I tell him to call me when he’s close by so I can direct him where to go.

It’s 11:40am, and no call has come yet, so I’m wondering where he is and if he’s lost somewhere in the city of Philadelphia. I checked my phone (for the 10th time) and there’s no text. I’m listening to music as I’m working. Suddenly, there’s a knock on my office door. I’m assuming it’s the usual package that needs a signature or something.

I look up from my desk, and I see my boyfriend standing there, big bouquet in hand while leaning on my office door. My face starts going red. As I said, I’m not always the romantic type. I’m so happy to see him, but I’m also scrambling to gather my stuff so we can get out of there… in case any of my coworkers see this. It’s so sweet, but I feel so awkward… I’m so terrified of drawing attention/looks… that when we walk to the car, he is still holding the flowers…

I suddenly realize: HOW did he get to my office? He had no idea where my office was (I never mentioned what floor or room number). In addition, my work place is on high security, so there is no way he could just walk in, unless I signed him in, or he somehow produced an additional ID to get a vistor badge, which he didn’t have one.

He won’t tell me. 😦 He says he has special spy skills that he learned from 007……… sure…..

Anyhow, he takes me grocery shopping at Wegmen’s over in NJ, and we have an early dinner at Distrito. And then by 6pm, he drops me off at church, where I had a meeting at 7pm, and he’s off, driving back to Atlantic City to catch a 8:11pm flight back to Michigan.

Later that night, he calculates that he spent travel time 10 hours, just to see me for 7 hours. I felt really bad that he went through so much trouble. So we’ve agreed that this is a one time deal, and we will never do one day trips again.

Note: Travel time = 10 hours: left his apt at 5:30am for a 7:30am flight, flight delayed till 8:30am, arrived at 10:30am, drove to philly, arrived at 11:30am. (total travel: 6 hours) Leaves Philly at 6:30pm for an 8pm flight, gets to Michigan at 10pm and gets home at 11pm (total travel: 4.5 hours).

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