Lies for two years

This is a very sad story that left me speechless:

Adrienne finally found the man of her dreams, Toby. They were together for two wonderful years, and one night Toby comes and tells Adrienne that he’s getting married… with another woman… tomorrow. Adrienne doesn’t know what to do. But he tells her that he still loves her and actually wants to be with her. Adrienne calls up her friend Jody and tells her the situation and says she’ll wait for Toby. Jody is pulling out her hair, she’s furious of what Toby did. Adrienne then says that she and Toby packed Toby’s stuff for the honeymoon. How strange is that?!

Toby never came back. Adrienne was still waiting. Jody tries to wake her up. But eventually, Adrienne gets very angry at Jody, saying that she wasn’t a real friend because she didn’t support Adrienne’s decision to fight for him and to try to make him stay.

Jody is left speechless.

It’s been a few years since the incident, but Adrienne is no longer the same person. She seems defeated but also bitter.

It’s so broken . So so broken. Toby was cheating on the his fiance, while lying to Adrienne, too. And now has left her in broken pieces. This is so wrong.

Such sin and deception.

Jody prays for Adrienne every night. But Adrienne has distanced herself from Jody. Now what?

“And I will live/To carry on compassion/To love a world that’s broken/To be Your hands and feet
I will give/With the life that I’ve been given/And go beyond religion
To see your world be changed/By the power of Your name”

-Lincoln Brewster “Power of Your Name”

How do you love and change this world when this is the type of brokenness that we’re fighting against?


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