27-31, Guys who lie about their age

what?! really?! Do guys actually lie about their age? and if so… why?!

Story: Bryan meets Linda takes her on a date. Eventually, they casually come across the topic of age, Linda explains that she’s 26 and Bryan answers that he’s 27. Interesting, she thinks, I thought he looked older!

Linda had a lot to drink, and since they had been going to 3 places within one night, she suddenly blanked on Bryan’s name. She’s frantic, and saw that Bryan had left his wallet on the table while he went to the bathroom. She quickly flipped it open to scan his name from his ID, except… she also saw his birthdate… and he was NOT 27….

It was more like 31.

LMAO! (sorry, that’s my inserted response right here…)

What?! Why would he lie about his age?! Don’t men feel more confident when their older? and there’s a sense of more experience and maturity and accomplishment with age? Why would someone hide that and pretend to be younger? and less mature, less emotionally aware, less established, etc etc etc…?

“So you’re actually 31, huh?” Linda says bluntly when Bryan returns from the bathroom. “…” Bryan is speechless. Linda continues, “Listen, I have to be honest, I suddenly blanked on your name and didn’t want to look like a doofus so I tried to find your name on your ID, and saw that you were actually 31 and not 27. I’m not faulting you or anything, just trying to understand why you wanted to be 27 and not 31.”

Byran shrugs, “I don’t know. I just thought you looked younger so I wanted to be younger, as to not to scare you off. I thought you were maybe around 21.” (and ya, by lying that definitely doesn’t help…).

Wait, so you’re lying that you’re 27, to take a 21 year old out to dinner (27 – 21 = 6), but in reality you’re actually 31 and taking a 26 year old out (31 – 26 = 5). So by lying you actually increased your age difference? or wait, did you decrease the difference to only 1? and if you thought Linda was 21, then you’re actually a 31 yr old taking out a 21…. talk about robbing the cradle!
But regardless…


You’re not a woman. It’s not like you’re trying to hide that you have had a divorce and 2 kids. (wait, do you?) Not that it’s okay for anyone to lie about their age, but I can sympathize a bit more when women don’t reveal their age or lie about it. So they can be younger or older… or whatever it is that they need to “look”, as we know, this world often views women as beauty icons. And youth is beauty is a very true statement. Yes, aged wine, like older women have a refined beauty to them. But with the eye creams and the wrinkle flattening skin care products… it is all to help women feel/look younger. But men? Do you use botox? eye creams? day and night skin care? Not really. Last time I checked, I didn’t think guys cared that much about looking young. (Except for that hair dye commercial to help guys dye their hair to that “salt and pepper grey” look… so to look aged and experienced, but still youthful at heart and with energy…)

If anyone has a clue, can someone explain… why would a man lie about his age?


4 thoughts on “27-31, Guys who lie about their age

  1. This doesn’t seem like too big a mystery. Use your imagination.

    Some women are creeped out when being pursued by older men (especially younger women, in their early twenties). Also, a younger man won’t be expected to have accomplished as much as far as career or education as someone older; he might be trying to conceal the fact that he’s not as accomplished as he thinks he ought to be.

  2. I have never lied about my age. Did not see the need to do that.I am concerned that you make excuses for a woman to do it but not a man. That is completely sexist. Lies are lies and are an abomination to God according to Proverbs 6.

    God also talks about a woman with disgression. If a woman will lie about her aqe then she will lie about other things.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  3. for de same reason women lie about many oder things…..in fact women build up lots of lil lies whereas men say just big ones… im 28, i wasnt looking at her… i love u…. its my first time…

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