Who should have your last dance?

I was at a wedding in Pittsburgh and my friend Chayenne started talking to one of the groomsmen. (What is with us 20-30 year olds meeting people at weddings?!) She had been telling me that she definitely felt a connection, and maybe they’ll get to dance later. As one of the groomsmen, we understood that there are many tasks to do during the reception, so she wasn’t expecting full attention. But after awhile, the groomsmen, Andy, finally got the courage to ask her for the last dance.

As Andy led Chayenne onto the dance floor, they barely had begun to dance when the corresponding bridesmaid bustled out of nowhere and grabbed Andy’s arm. “C’mon, Andy! We have to dance! You’re my corresponding groomsmen and I’m your corresponding bridesmaid! We have to dance the last song!”

Andy was resisting and explaining that he was hoping to dance with Chayenne. But the bridesmaid (not sure if she was really so distracted that she didn’t hear him over the music, or if she was just pretending she didn’t hear him) continued to pull him away… hard. Andy, being shy and soft-spoken, looked at Chayenne with an apologetic look, mouthing, “I’m really sorry.” Chayenne, being the lady that she is, smiled and nodded and walked off.

I was standing close to the dance floor and caught the whole situation from the corner of my eye. Well, I was excitedly giving her the thumbs up earlier when Andy was leading her onto the dance floor, and had turned around to chat with someone’s grandma… when I suddenly caught her walking back towards me… And I turned and saw the bridesmaid now dancing with Andy. “What happened?!?!” I exclaimed (trying not to yell and shout, but really wanted to).

Chayenne explained the whole dialogue/grabbing situation. “Is there really such a tradition? that the corresponding bridesmaid and groomsmen have to dance the last dance?” she asked. “Hells no!!” I answer, “What?! that’s ridiculous. Many groomsmen/bridesmaid are married, and usually they save their last dance for their spouses… not their corrsponding aisle walking partner. Andy obviously really wanted to dance with you, and he should’ve danced with whoever he wanted. That bridesmaid probably had a thing for him, and was just using the corresponding bridesmaid thing as an excuse to act so rudely and shamelessly!”

Chayenne is pretty disappointed. But our college friends were around us, so we ended up all just hugging and taking more pictures, since we’d spread out again across the country after the wedding ended. As we were leaving, some people were talking about going up to Mount Washington. (You take an rustic looking cable car up an incline to a really gorgeous scenic point to overlook the 3 rivers of Pittsburgh. It’s not only breathtaking and a must-see in Pittsburgh, but can also be a very romantic spot.) Andy and a few of the other guests were saying that they wanted to go up to Mt. Wash., and he started asking if Chayenne and I wanted to go. (I’m rolling my eyes silently in my head… Ok, I realize I’m supposed to play telephone right now… as I haven’t spoken to this Andy guy the whole night.) I bounced over to Chayenne and asked her if she wanted to go with Andy. Her eyes went wide, I smiled super wide as I nodded meaing “yes! you should totally go!!” I make sure that Andy has a car and can take Chayenne back to the hotel (yay for Chay!), and I blessed them off! 🙂

She wanted me to come with her (I’m an awesome wing woman), but I had other plans with some other Pittsburgh friends who weren’t at the wedding for an after party~ (hehe 😉 Catching up takes quite a long time!). So she promised to update me with what happens.

Fingers crossed! 🙂 oh weddings!
Now… into the commentary section, what in the world was that bridesmaid thinking? Was it like a last minute Hail-Mary move for wedding receptions?? When you feel that you’re justified to just shamelessly throw yourself at someone even when you see them lead someone else onto the dance floor? “Ohh! We’re both wearing something blue, we MUST have the last dance together!” or “OMG! You and I both have brown hair! We need to dance this last song! Obviously!”
Hmm, I’d like to think this girl actually thought that there is tradition that the corresponding groomsmen and bridesmaid had to dance together for the last dance, but… I highly doubt that.
Perhaps she had eyes for Andy, and felt that she had first dibbs on him, since she was the corresponding bridesmaid. Haha, omg, when did weddings become a meat auction??


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