Asia + Canada

After spending a few weeks in Taiwan, I have one extra luggage and I’m ready to go for some cooler weather. (wait, what am I thinking?! Philadelphia is still humid and hot… ) hehe… My next stop, Canada!

Here are some pictures from Taiwan!

I took this of Taipei from the 45th floor of Shing Gwang San Yue, which is next to the Taipei Train Station. This is towards the northwest direction, and you can see Dang Swei River.

Below is the Food Court of a Mall (FE21) in Hsinchu City. Not only is it super clean, they have amazing food! Not Panda Express or Sbarro or Taco Bell. Yes, they do have McDonalds (with the special dessert counter!), but they also have Korean BBQ, hot clay pot dishes, Taiwanese traditional foods, Japanese noodle bar and sushi bar, Teppenyaki, Italian pastas, Northern Chinese Noodles, etc. And no, this is not for tourists. Every mall/department store food court is at this level. What’s more awesome is that in the middle of the food court area, there is this middle island that sells Taiwanese snacks! And not like chips or something, but traditional old school (with a modern flare) snacks! So awesome!!

And these nails for only $20 USD! Every single petal and dot was hand drawn. And the lady even gave my friend and I ice cream and popsicles!! Taiwan people are the best! So hospitable! 🙂


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