But if he explains…

But if he explains, don’t continue to be mean to him!!!

My beloved girl friend, you’re so silly.
She was a bit overheated by being blown off on Friday.

Let’s back up. Brad and Cassie are friends and Brad is interested in taking Cassie out on a date. So he has a big project due on Friday, so he asked Cassie out to celebrate with him. He postponed to Monday. And his explanation? His project deadline was moved to Monday, so he’ll have to work through the weekend till Monday. Reasonable? I think so.

But Cassie was still upset. So when he asked if they could do Wednesday (since she had plans Monday and Tuesday), she answered curtly that she was busy and wished him good luck for the project. Bam, the door just got shut.

Poor guy. Cassie started to feel bad and wanted to salvage the situation. How can she dig herself out? Maybe text over a text explaining that she’s opened up her schedule on Wednesday and wants to get together again if Brad is still interested. This shows that 1. She’s still in enthusiastic to see Brad and celebrate with him and it’ll make up for her short answer earlier, 2. Hopefully, he’ll understand that she was curt because she was so swamped with work.

She emailed him explaining and they are on for Wednesday! 🙂

Fingers crossed for you!!


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