According to you, I’m stupid, I’m useless…

Does a boyfriend ever make you feel this way?! I remember my ex (the cheating one) made me feel this way all the time!

I was driving and heard this song on the radio, and was like, “OMG!! Wow! She’s is describing such a familiar situation!”

Later on in the song, it talks about how she meets someone else, and that person tells her she’s beautiful and funny and awesome. You know, I realize that if a serious ex had once tell you all your problems and that you’re horrible, when someone comes along and tells you you’re awesome, sometimes, we have trouble believing it! How crazy is that?!

But then I realize how powerful words can be~ Even if it was said in anger or spite, and was completely inappropriate, even falsehood. But the damage is done. Sometimes, we’ll be suspicious of the new guy who thinks we’re everything they ever wanted… We find it hard to believe all the compliments and all the good things about ourselves.

It’s so sad that us girls buy into these lies that some important man in our lives told us, fed to us. Not only does it pain us tremendously when we hear it initially, it damages us later on. Making us unable to believe/accept that we are awesome and worthy.

If someone tells you you’re worthless or useless, don’t buy it. Many times, we need to be wise and discerning, should someone be coming to you with constructive criticism/feedback. But other times, comments are ill-intentioned and unnecessary. That is when we need to protect ourselves, ladies. We need to protect our hearts and what we allow into it. If the comments are a bunch of falsehood, intended to try to make us feel guilty and bad about ourselves,  Be Very Careful. This is usually a sign of manipulation. When you feel horrible about yourself, you’ll think you can only depend on him, and you can’t leave him, and he’s the “only one” that will “put up” with you. It’s a lie.

That is just a sure way for an insecure man to tie you (yes, you! an awesome girl) to him forever. Then he’ll never have to worry that you’ll leave him. He most likely knows that you’re amazing, and is way to insecure about himself, really worried that you’ll find out that you’re too good for him. So he messes with you mind by tearing you down and making you think he’s your best bet… then he’s got you down. Bam. You’re his.

But in the end, it’s his own insecurity that is tearing down your confidence and self-image. In the end, you’re using your freedom and security and image to pay for his low self-confidence. It’s not worth it. It’s not healthy. It’s not right.

We owe it to ourselves to be so much more. We are beautiful, incredible, funny and irresistible. We are everything they’ve been looking for.

If they don’t appreciate you like that, it may be time to wave goodbye and find someone that will. It’s not worth handing in your self-image and letting them shred it for you, so that in the future, you’re resume is but a torn up piece of paper, loosely taped back together with scotch-tape.


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