Trip to Asia – Phone calls

So I’m spending 2 weeks in Taiwan to visit my relatives and parents.

Of course it becomes challenging to maintain communication with Brian. But thankfully, we have… Skype! Whoot! So since the time difference from the EST to Taiwan time is 12 hours… It gets a bit challenging to schedule. For example, after he came home from work, he’d have to wait till a reasonable hour before I’d wake up (5pm EST is 5am TWN time…)

At first, Brian would want to talk every 12 hours, so mornings and nights of each day (before he went to work, 8am EST, which is when I got back from dinner in Taiwan, 8pm; before he sleeps, 9-11pm EST, but my mornings, 9-11am). It’s only been 1 week since I’ve been in Taiwan. But now, he wants to just talk once a day, which is before he sleeps. He then reminds me that we only talked once a day when I was in Philly anyway (since I have verizon and he has AT&T, and can only talk free after 9pm).

Now, a bit of background. He told me before about an ex-girlfriend that he had. He said that he never really wanted to talk with her on the phone. And he was amazed that he would want to talk to me all the time on the phone, and would have 4-5 hours phone conversations, and still want to talk more. So to me, whenever he starts wanting to talk less, it’s like a little predictive sign (red flag!) that he’s distancing himself (maybe?). Now I know talking for 4-5 hours a day is exhaustive. I’m not expecting to keep that record for as long as we live… I’m just saying that the desire to talk should remain. Though we’d both make adjustments and not spend too much time on the phone. Not amplitude, but frequency…

I know I might be overly worried and thinking wayyyy too much. But still… remember that graph????

I just don’t want to be that girl who buys into all those high promises and expectations that guys make in the beginning… and then later, they back out, and raise their hands and shrug their shoulders and say, “Oh well, I couldn’t help it! I just fell out of love with you (read: infatuation).” And just fyi, I was the one that was so cautious and making sure he was accurately reflecting his feelings before diving in!

Alright, maybe this is just me being over-sensitive. And technically, people need to not be on the phone constantly. We need to be able to work and live and eat and such without being constantly connected to a phone.

Not sure what to think of the situation. I just know that I’m feeling a bit uneasy about the situation, and it makes me nervous. Especially knowing about his feelings about phone conversations (comparing me to his ex…) and also me being on vacation while he’s still working, and in a different time zone…

Okay, that’s another thing that really annoys me. Every time I’m on vacation, I’m in some sort of relationship. Last time I was in Taiwan was Feb. of 2009. I was still dating my ex-ex, the Korean dude who cheated… And I’d have to curtail certain days so we could talk online or on the phone, etc etc… Grrrrr! Screw this. Maybe I should just be unavailable over the phone.

Brian wants to talk on the phone… but on his time and his schedule. I understand I’m the one on vacation and should have a less demanding daily schedule… But I’M THE ONE ON VACATION! I shouldn’t have to abide by a rigid schedule… just the amount of fun and food and play that I need to get in!


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