4 Moms and a Wedding

Two weeks ago, I went to my college friends’ wedding. Yes, both. I was in the same year and same major with both the husband and the wife.

During the beginning of the ceremony, it is tradition to have the bridal party walk in. Parents of the bride, parents on the groom, and then the groomsmen and bridesmaids. It was odd that there were 4 women during the entrance of the parents. This is why:

1. Biological mom of the bride
2. Stepmom of the bride’s dad
3. Biological mom of groom
4. Girlfriend of groom’s dad

Whoa! 4 “moms”! that’s crazy! I wonder how everyone feels? Like how the biological moms feel when they see their ex-husbands bringing other women to their son or daughter’s wedding. Or the fact that the girlfriend of the groom’s dad is young and wearing very little clothing…

Luckily, I was with all our college friends. But I wonder how the parents felt? If they were just polite and awkward toward each other? Were they hostile and just tried to be civil for the sake of the wedding?

In any case, when the groom and mom dance occurred, he still danced with his biological mom only. And the groom had a younger brother who stepped in and whisked the mom away. So at least the two sons made the mother feel like a million dollars that night, in view of the young girlfriend… which was nice!

I understand that these things happen. But was just amused/shocked at the number of moms walking down the aisle… And then observed the dynamics, and realized how “interesting” and different each of these women may be feeling.


2 thoughts on “4 Moms and a Wedding

  1. Why would the girlfriend be walked in too? That’s weird. I could maybe understand if she was engaged to him, but she’s just a girlfriend. That carries no weight, especially with something so big as a wedding. That would be really weird. I’m not sure how I’d feel about it. I don’t think I want my step-mom to have any special honors at my wedding. We’re polite to each other, but have no especial emotional attachment to each other. Also, my mom would have a cow and be completely unmanageable…as would my sisters. This is probably why my sisters both eloped rather than have weddings…too much drama.

  2. It definitel is a very very interesting situation which makes me think on the values, respect and sensitivity behind the relationships,

    Thnks for sharing

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