Getting her number

My two friends met each other at an event. James really liked Sandy and wanted to ask her for her number. But before he could do so, he came over to ask me if she’s single. I answer with a broad smile, “Yes she is! And not only that, I love Sandy! She’s a great girl, cute, and very nice.” I encourage him to ask her for her number, and different ways to approach it to make it more casual and less pressure. 20 minutes later, Sandy comes up and talked to me about James. I told her that he’s really into her. She says she’s interested, too. But when she tried t give him her number, he just wandered off. And didn’t come back. She wasn’t sure what’s going on.

Doofus James!! What are you doing?!

This morning, I get an email from James being all sad that his efforts to get her number failed. Then I get an email from Sandy’s friend asking me for James number, because they want to invite him out to a party.

Seriously, how funny is this situation!

I email James, calling him a Dorko, and asked him why he wandered off! Explaining that Sandy really wanted to exchange numbers, but he didn’t give her enough time and just disappeared…

I also proceeded to tell him that they were asking for his contact info, so I went ahead and gave it to my two girlfriends, trusting that they will only use it for good ;). Then I proceeded to tell James that he owes me big time.

Guys, you need to be more confident. Trying half way is not really trying. You need to follow through completely. It’s not until you actually visibly fail can you truly say your efforts were in vain. Did the girl flat out reject you and refuse to give you her number? If not, keep trying!

You’ll be surprised, she’s also hoping you’ll ask her for her number! You guys are actually on the same page, wanting the same thing! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting her number

  1. I tell my single male clients that the biggest attraction that women have for a man is a sense of sense of quiet self confidence. It makes them have a sense of security with a take charge kind of guy who simply asks for her number expecting to get it. He then calls her within 24 hours to ask her out and planning a nice date with a back up plan in case she does not like the first idea. I also tell them that women have the same sense of satisfaction if a man is self confident in bed and has done some studying of technique where he practices ladies first when it comes to orgasms.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

  2. I’ve been played in between two friends who liked each other like that too! It’s so funny! I’m learning a bit more about guys and their insecurities lately, and it’s inspiring some compassion in me…but still. The very thing they’re afraid of, we’re just waiting for them to overcome!

    This guy I’m going on dates with, I don’t like him enough to really try to make things happens. But I’m fine with letting him figure out what he’s comfortable with and when he’s comfortable with it. I try not to discourage him in any way because maybe I’m not gung-ho over him because he’s holding back, and if I encourage him and let him relax at his own pace, then maybe I’ll find what I’m looking for. Who knows!

    I hope everything works out with those two…they sound very typical and fun. 🙂

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